Nestled at height of 1,770 m in the majestic Dhauladhar Range and lush greenery Mcleodganj is bestowed with unparalleled natural beauty. Nestled in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh Mcleodganj tourist spots offers beauty of green landscape, ancient temples, Tibetan culture and monasteries. Pristine ambience pop up with the rich Tibetan culture and heritage also attract large number of the tourists from all corner of the world. Vibrant colorful Monastery of the Tibetan flourished between the beautiful landscape exquisite scenery that captivate the eyes of the tourists. The town is famous as home to the world-renowned Tibetan spiritual leader the 14th Dalai Lama. Apart from that the town is also the home of the ancient temples and picturesque surroundings. The town gets it's beauty when the dropping snow flank the city with it's enchanted aroma that get's mixed with the air of the surroundings and makes Mcleodganj heaven to the tourists. Especially visiting Mcleodganj with taxi and rentle car is really great experience and to make your trip CabBazar offers a vast range.

Best Time To Visit Mcleodganj:- From October to June

1.Triund Trek (4 KM From City)

Perched at an altitude of 2,828 m, Triund is known as one of the fascinating trek of Himachal. It offers the perfect route for the trekkers that opens the gateway to the many trails like trail to the Inderahara point on the great Mt Dhauladhar. Also the trekking part offers the great scenic views of nature beauty that make it one of the great site for the adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts.

The whole trek offers the wonderful vast views of the lush green meadows that added the surreal experience to the trekking of the tourists. A well-defined trail of the Triund Trek is come under the moderate to easy trek for the weekend. That runs through the thick forest of rhododendron and deodar. However the trek took nearly 6 to 7 hours but the vast plain area of trek offers the choice to pitch a tent and acclimatise if you intend to head further up.  Also reaching top gives the tourists a spectacular views of Dhauladhar range.

Key Attractions:- Trekking, Rhododendron and Oak Forests Walk, Scenic Beauty, Snowfall

Best Time To Visit:- Daytime (From March to May)

2. Bhagsu Nag Temple (3 KM From City)

Nestled amid the pristine greenery of the mystical Himalaya, Bhagsu Nag Temple is one of the major places to see in Mcleodganj. It is one of the ancient temple of the town that get transform into the modern architecture after the 1905's earthquakes, by the first Gurkha Rifles stationed here.

Surrounded by lovely pools and lush greenery the temple catches the attention of large pool of devotees. The folk story associate to the temple formation is the 5000 years ago, Nagdevta, the snake god was drawn into a battle with a local king, Bhagsu. Who stole water from the sacred Nag Dal Lake. Since that the temple is sacred pilgrimage for the indigenous Gurkha people from the nearby villages. Along that the waterfall near the temple is another catching site for the tourists that offers short albeit delightful journey through the surrounding forests.

Key Attractions:- Lush Greenery, Holy Bath in Jaikund, Swimming Pool, Waterfalls

Best Time To Visit:- 5:00 AM - 12:00 PM/ 4:00 PM- 9:00 PM

3. Bhagsunag Waterfall

Adore with the mother nature beauty, Bhagsunag waterfall is one of the popular tourists attraction in Mcleodganj, which attracts adventure enthusiasts and nature lover. Amid the lush green landscape the waterfall revels the glories of nature and offers a wonderful quiet vicinity in serenity.

Surrounded with the enchanting beauty of Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Fall is really a eye pleasing retreat to the toruists. One have to cross a beautiful trekking path full of tall trees, dense shrub and herbs to reach the waterfall. Apart from that the visitors will also enjoy the delicious tea and coffee offers here, while sitting near the cascading waterfall. It is one of the perfect site for picnic and hang out with family and friends. Especially in the monsoon season when the waterfalls from a height of around 30 feet that offers the eye captivating and breathtakingly beautiful sceneries.

Key Attractions:- Temple, Serene Beauty, Cafes and Coffee Houses, Trekking

Best Time To Visit:-  7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

4. Masroor Temple (26 KM From City)

Away from the city center, Masroor Temple is one of the key attraction in Mcleodganj for the tourists in the northern part of India. The temple complex is one of the great example of the rock cut temple nestled in the wonderful ambience of the hill city. Along that the archeological reminisce of the temple makes it one of the must visited site of the Mcleodganj.

The beautiful temple is known as the Himalayan Pyramid due to it's splendid and tall structures. All the 15 temples here are believed to have been carved out of a single rock. As you enters the temple complex, a mesmerized reflection of beautiful temple in the Masroor Lake enchants the eyes of the devotees. Further the temple is built in the shikhara (spire) style of architecture and resonate to the temples dating back to the monolithic age. However it shares a stark resemblance with the temples at Cambodia's Angkor Wat, Mumbai's Elephanta Caves and Mahabalipuram.

Key Attractions:- Rock Cut Temple, Indo- Aryan Architecture, Monolithic Construction

Best Time To Visit:- 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

5. Naddi View Point (1 KM From City)

Wonderful! Yes this will your words when you see the beauty of adorable Himalayan hills from the Naddi view point. The vast spreading spectacular Dhauladhar ranges will enchants the eyes of the tourists. It is one of the famous attractions in Mcleodganj that offers visitors a great escape from the buzzing city center.

A adventures trek and drive leads you to the Naddi View Point. Where beautiful sunset against the mountains is waiting for you. Apart from that the tourist will enjoy the photography at the high altitude of hills amid the natural sceneries. Other things that give joy to the tourists is the telescope views of the the distant mountains from here. However the beautiful vicinity of view point is also known for it's conjunction to sever treks and provide the starting point for example :- Triund, Kareri Lake and Dharamkot.  

Key Attractions:- Spectacular Hill Views, Snow Peak, Photography, Trekking

Time To Visit:- Evening

6. Namgyal Monastery (4 KM From City)

Surrounded with the gigantic mountains, Namgyal Monastery is known as one of the best monastery in Mcleodganj. It is also an famous Tibetan cultural center. It's peaceful ambience and serene beauty catches the attention of the visitors all year around. It was founded by the second Dalai Lama in the 16th century for the monks to help Dalai Lama in religious affairs.

At present it is home to Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader that makes often called as "Dalai Lama's Temple." It is also the protecting house of the age old Tibetan cultural heritage. At present there is nearly 200 monks who resides here and work towards protecting and preserving  the skills and traditions of monastery. Also if you have interest in Buddhism so you can learn Buddhists philosophy, sand mandalas, ritual chanting and dances here.

Key Attractions:- Tibetan Culture and Tradition, Meditation, Study - Tibetan Texts, Sutra and Tantra, Buddhist Philosophy

Time To Visit:- 5:00 AM - 8:30 PM

7. Minkiani Pass (9 KM From City)

Going through the breathtaking landscape of majestic mountains, Minkini Pass offers a great escape from the hustle bustle life of the buzzing city. Nestled in the splendid vicinity of Dhauladhar Range of great Himalaya, it offers the pristine beauty, peaceful environment and soul shaking adventure to the visitors. Trekking to the Minkiani Pass is full of dense forest, picturesque valleys and rocky terrains.

Minkiani Pass is one of Mcleodganj nearby places that offer one of the best offbeat adventure site to the trekking enthusiasts and vagabonds. Here tourist will experience a challenging trekking that goes amid the stunning views of snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green meadows and crystal water alpine lakes. Further the pass also gives many memorable moments to the tourists. As the trackers goes uphill the crumbling air and  increasing beauty let them to the awe-inspiring charm.  

Key Attractions:- Trekking, Camping, Dense Forests, Picturesque Valleys, Rocky Terrains

Time To Visit:- From May to October

8. Shiva Cafe (3 KM From City)

On the way to the Bhagsunag Waterfall, you definitely needed a small brake after walking uphill. So Shiva café is here that offers tourists a cozy comfortable sitting with delicious dishes. Along that tourist will also enjoy the wonderful natural scene from the café makes it one of the hot spot of the photophilic and nature lovers.

One of the key reason to visit, Shiva Café is it's wonderful location, places atop of the the waterfall the café offers a lot to the visitors. Here tourists will enjoy delicious foods like pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, coffee and pancakes while talking and smiling with nature. Meanwhile the wonderful collection of cafe's music make a relaxing experience. Along that the gargling stream of waterfall creates a roaring sound. All this activities make Shiva Café one of the major Mcleodganj sightseeing places.

Key Attractions:- Waterfall, Photography, Natural Views, Delicious Food

Time To Visit:- 10:00 AM- 8:00 PM

9. Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) (3 KM From City)

Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts is one of the best tourists places in Mcleodganj. The idea behind its construction is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Tibetan. It is known for its focus on folk dance, music as well as opera. So year around the institute remains packed with the cultural artist, student and history seekers. The best time visit temple is on the occasion of 7 day long Shoton Festival when whole ambiance gets drenched with the age-old Tibetan traditions.

TIPA was established by the 14th Dalai Lama with the aim to protect and profess the fundamentals of the Tibetan performing arts. It is one of the famous places in Mcleodganj among those who want to soak with the Tibetan ethnicity and cultural richness. There you will find a museum that exhibits the Thangka paintings of the Tibetan heritage. Further an archive with digital and old audio-visual recordings also gives the beautiful glimpse of Tibetan art.

Key Attractions:- Tibetan Performing Arts, Folk Music, Thangka Painting, Research and Study

Time To Visit:- 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Monday - Friday)

10. Kalachakra Temple (3 KM From City)

Amid the wonderful nature bounty, Kalachakra Temple offers a divine landscape to the tourists. It is an popular Tibetan temple that grab the attention of devotees and tourists to it's vibrant colorful building complex that is filled with the several beautiful Thangka paintings portrait on temple walls and pillars, book shop and quaint café.

Situated at the western margin of Tsuglagkhang Temple, the temple houses many stunning murals of Kalachakra means Wheel of Time associated with Avalokitesvara, of whom Dalai Lama is manifest. Also a statue of Shakayamuni Buddha around which a wonderful fresco decoration of seven hundred and seventy two deities of the mandala with a Kalachakra image at center placed here. It is one of the popular pilgrimage sites in Dharamsala that attracts vast congregation on the annual feast celebrated here on the 15th day of the third month.

Key Attractions:- Stunning Murals of Kalachakra, Tibetan Ethnicity and Art, Thangka Paintings, Book Shop and Quaint Café

Time To Visit:- 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM