Whenever one plans to travel, she/he might want to explore as much as they can. But travelling to exotic places doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t need to win a lottery to travel the world. So in this article you will encounter some awesome and easy tips and tricks that will help you to manage your every penny.

  1. Have A Plan

Planning is one of the crucial aspects to make your travelling pocket friendly. The bare minimum thing for a budget traveller is to make a list of some questions. Like-when to go? Where to go? And How to go? Also you need to know where you are going to stay, and what will be your estimate for your trip. One of the best ways to do all that, is to contact the best travel agency in India. While it is not necessary to plan each and everything, having a blueprint gives you a sense of peace and planning. All this pre planning might help to cut unwanted last mile expenses.

Having a plan not only helps to save money from unnecessary last moments expenses but it also helps your overall travelling experience.

2. Avoid Travelling During Peak

Where everyone wants travelling on the peak time, but if you are also concerned about your travel budget so shoulder seasons and off season is best for you. During holidays and weekends you can witness price hikes, however in off season you will see cheaper prices for accommodation, activities and even transportation. Further it is also hard to find perfect accommodations and activities during the peak times as places become overcrowded with the tourists.

But if you travel during the off season, where you will still have a great trip, maybe it won’t look like the peak season but it won’t be that much hectic.

3. Use Public Transport

Transportation takes a hefty part of travel expenses. Instead of using private taxis or rental cars, think about using public buses and trains. That is a great way to save travelling costs. Travelling with the local transports even for a larger distance will cost minimal. Apart from that travelling in the local transport gives tourists the glimpse of real India. She/he may have a chance to interact with locals, which eventually turn into the opportunity to learn about history, culture and traditions of the area. If you frequently visit the destination, buying a pass will help you a lot.

Using public transportation is quite affordable but it is a great option to travel in the city but if you want to explore the far fringes of the city, then contacting a tour operator in India is the best way.

4.  Stay In Hostels

Away from the traditional accommodation, Hostels are gaining popularity among the tourist community. Whenever you think about travelling, accommodation plays a very big role. For that now you have two options- whether to book an expensive hotel room or to enjoy the fun of vibrant hostels. There is a range of hostels offered by the best tours and travels agency in India.  Further you will not only get the unique experience of different cultures and traditions but its affordability make it one of the preferable choices. Here you will enjoy games, social events, exclusive tours, activities and community kitchen foods.

As a budget traveler, you have to do a well research on the available discounts and rates of the various hostels that help you to grab the best deal.

5.  Shop Away From The Tourists Location

Shopping is one of the exciting parts of travelling. Whether you travel locally or to another state and nation, one of the first things that hits the mind while reaching the destination is shopping, especially for women. Vibrant market places and popular handicrafts shops catch your attention while strolling the streets. But to make your shopping pocket friendly you need to find the places away from bustling tourist places, from where locals purchase. For that you can take the help of a tour operator in India that will guide you.

Also while shopping haggling is commonplace in India. If you don’t bargain, you will end up  paying much more than the need.

6. Lets Try Couchsurfing

Do you get curious while reading? What is it? Couchsurfing is an emerging concept in the hospitality industry. It is a great way to travel for free with a friendly stranger who will host you and provide free accommodation. Further She/he will also show you around their hometown. For that you have to make a good profile on the Couchsurfing site that provides ample information about where you want to go, your hobbies and like-dislikes with your picture. Like tourists, the host will also provide all necessary information. Host has to make sure the place you stay is good for you.

It sounds crazy but on the other side if you lack something it could be pretty risky. To make your travelling safe, make sure that your family and friends have the information's, where you are going to stay.

7. Pack Your Bags Carefully

While travelling it is very obvious to pack everything that is essential, but packing too much stuff is not going to make your travel experience better, even if it costs you extra. So it is required to pack your back with light articles, which can be easily washed and dried on the go. While packing it is also important to keep all necessary belongings, otherwise you have to buy the extra one while travelling. For that you need to check the weather of your destination that will help you to keep your luggage lightweight.

You can also choose a backpack instead of trolley bags. Which are difficult to carry and eventually take up more space.

8. Book Tickets In Advance

If you are going to travel long distances and need to book tickets, it is important to book your tickets as early as possible. Booking tickets ahead of time leads you to grabbing the best rates, especially on flights. Booking tickets in advance will also help you to plan your whole trip in advance. That helps you to do all arrangements with reasonable pricing. You can also book your flight tickets during the early hours or late night hours.

Make sure next time when you think to go book your tickets at least 3 weeks ahead and take advantage of the savings.

9. Eat Like Local

One of the great ways to save your hard earned money is to eat like a local while travelling. While strolling you may get tempted to sizzling expensive foods of fancy restaurants but eating on the roadside stalls and local restaurants  is a great alternative. Where you can enjoy the local taste and cushion at an affordable rate. Eating cheaply is easily a great option if you visit a city, where all sorts of inexpensive street food vendors or local markets offer you great food for nearly 100 rupees.

But while eating you need to take care of your health otherwise the money you save from your foods will be spent on medicine. To take care of hygiene one should also try ready-to-eat food.

10. Grab The Discount And Free Things

Every tourist wants to visit every famous destination but it might cost you a lot. If your pocket is your limit, you should avoid visiting the monuments and historical sites that charge a high visiting cost. Instead of that you can explore other plethora of wonderful places that are free to visit. Further you can also search for the offer and discount on the relative site such as art galleries, heritage buildings, museum etc.

You can also enjoy the local festivals and fairs that give you a picture of local life and livelihood. From here you can also buy the local handicrafts and artefacts.