With women travelling solo and in friend-circle nowadays, it has become quite obvious that there could be some tips and tricks women could follow while travelling. The increase in travel among women has seen a new boom, and it is only growing every day. Women have started travelling trying to explore their way into the world. So, to help you explore your path, here are some tips you could follow and make your travel easy.

It is not just about the ease of travel, with women it is also about serious safety issues, especially when it comes to solo travelling.

Know the Locations

Trip Advisor, Hostelz, and Oyster often show the view of both the hotel and the 360-degree view of the neighbourhood around them. So, on these websites, you can see if the surrounding area is safe or not and accordingly book a place.

Check out the Reviews

For couch surfing or night hubs, you must check out the reviews. Always visit the places with a lot of reviews. This makes the process much easier. You know how it might be when you reach the place and do not of to bother unnecessarily.

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Send the Itinerary back home

The family must have a general idea, why you might not be answering or where you might be. This keeps you tension free and your family happy. If they know where you might be exactly, then they won’t feel like checking on you every hour or so.

Consider a Travel insurance

I know the idea might not be popular in India, but travelling outstation can sometimes lead to a miss happening. We all travel with our laptops and IPads nowadays, and insurance is a suitable way to secure your essentials.

Carry Safety Mechanism

Anything for self-defence purposes is good to go. You can either carry a Swiss knife or a bottle of pepper spray, whatever you feel comfortable, but it is one of the essentials for a solo traveller.

Keep Address in hand

You should have address of your hotel or hostel written down to hand to taxi drivers. This helps in case you are travelling to a place where you do not understand the language.

Use Earphones in one ear only

This is how you can always stay alert. You can listen to music, and it is not bad at all, but the distraction can lead to some unwanted hassle.

Slash Free Bags do great

If you are a traveller who goes around very often, then this is one essential you must buy. In outstation destinations, you never know about the location, and there is chance of losing your tech stuff, like phone, or laptop. Slash free bags can be a great help in this case.


Whenever you take a taxi, you must use your GPS; this makes the travel, safe and easy. It helps when you do not know the place.

Don’t Leave your Bag

Solo travel can raise some issues when it comes to leaving your stuff behind. But, you must not leave your bag, when you are travelling in a train; you can keep it with you because a lot of instances like these take place.

Say No and be Bold

If you feel uncomfortable about eating or taking or buying anything, you must call out for a straight no. Don’t be afraid to say no, it is not about being rude. Trust your instincts when it is about accepting help.