Mingle personality with vacation destination – So, most travelers choose a vacation destination which suits there personality type, such as an introvert might go for the mountains and serene destinations, and the extroverts choose to travel to a sea-side or go for a booming city night-life destination.

The world happy languages – According to a research, the languages which hold most of the positive words are among the happiest languages. So, the measure says the languages that amount as the most effective are English, French, Spanish, Indonesian, and Portuguese.

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The best part of travel is not traveling guys! – No, it is not during traveling. No, it is not the satisfaction at the end. It’s actually while you plan the trip and prepare for it. The mere thought of holiday time results in a higher release of dopamine or the happy hormone as we can call it.

Don’t want to feel jet lag travel from east to west – It is believed that if you travel from west to east your internal clock alerts you because your day gets shorter as you travel from west to east. So, beware, because traveling from east to west is easier for your body to adapt.

Flying and weight might be friends – Recurrently flying can lead to weight gain. If you fly more than 21 days per month, it might lead to some weight gain. The most risked group is the business travelers who tend to travel frequently.