The city where the god’s live, sing, dance and eat, Vrindavan is a famous pilgrimage destination in India. The streets full of visitors, chanting their mantras leaving all their worldly worries behind. The trail of temples follows through, like trees in a forest. Vrindavan seems to take you back into the world of ‘raasa.’ The destination where food and streets divulge into one another, the infinite trail and the limitless ‘ananda,’ felt by the travelers conveys the mesmerizing beauty of the ‘holy land.’

It is not only essential to indulge in the God’s splendor but also to accept the ‘chappan bhog.’ So, let yourself lose and enjoy the delights of the ‘Brij Bhoomi.’


The one place where you must eat at Vrindavan at all costs is the ISCON temple cafeteria. They provide the tastiest Brij delights in pure deshi ghee. Everyone must try the beautiful, 10-inch samosas and the mini pizzas. You will find the most un-expected food at the temple. It is once in a life-time experience. MOST RECOMMENDED!

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The Street Food

Vrindavan is a place where you can find unlimited street food. The golgappas, Tikki, lassi to kachoris and chole bhaturas. Do not overthink, try them and try them all. The city is known for its street food, and the experience is without doubt heavenly. You can find great street food around the Bankey Bihari Temple. The one way to do it is, as I always tell is, ask the locals, there is no other better way to know about the best.

The Saint’s Ashrams

Om! The ashrams follow the ‘satvik’ dharma and hence cook the healthiest of foods. It is a must to experience the ashram; here you can go eat food for free and do a little ‘seva.’ This helps the children experience the real Indian culture. Eating balanced food and helping one another with the specific task assigned to you for seva. You might serve the ‘puri’s’ and collectively come together to work on humanitarian grounds.

The Temples

There could be around 36 kinds of dishes served to the god’s and then provided to the pilgrims. In real terms, this is what is called the ‘bhog ’of the god’s, which we all accept as ‘prasad.’ Prasad could be eaten in any of the temples you visit. It is the one thing everyone must try. There are a great many lines often, but pilgrims happily wait for their turn, so that they could indulge in the holy food.

Sweet! Sweet! It is

The pilgrimage cities are most popular for its sweets. Since the centuries the Gods have been presented with sweets. And we can say that sweets were invented to delight the gods. So, the most popular sweets of Vrindavan are peda's, sohan papdi, gajak and rewri. Try what you like, also you can take some for family and friends back home.

Note: Do not try anything which belongs to the western cuisine. Indulge in the traditional that is what the place is best known for. The best is the local food and it should be the only way to go.