It is said that youth is the best time to adventure travel. Every student plans on exploring the unseen roads and discovers the new lands when an idea to travel comes into our minds. We want to set ourselves free and get lost in the amazing fairy lands forever. All students want to try the new amazing cuisines and shop the exotic. We so often take a wild trip when it’s the summer break or the winter vacation. Every student intends to travel on a budget and the best tricks to travel cheap for students are as follows:

Want a discount, Travel offseason!

It is expert advice. Being a student you want to save all your money because you want to spend in all the right places. So, you can share a room at a hostel; the prices are extremely affordable during non-seasonal visits. There are always better places you can use the money. We all want to take back a small souvenir for the memorable moments spent. So, you can spend the money you have saved in the place of your choice.

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Trek and Travel

This is the time of your life! One thing every student must try is trekking. The idea might seem wild and unachievable, but it feels like the greatest achievement when you reach your destination. It is extremely important to cherish the adventure roads when you can and if you are traveling then why not try it.

Be Flexible

Adventure or Budget, the one thing you have to be is flexible. One has to be ready under all circumstances when it comes to a student traveling. In order to experience exotic and unconventional ways on has to be accepting. And believe it or not, you will enjoy the freedom of as we say it; ‘one must try everything once in a life.’

The holiday locations are always costly!

Life hacks are always critical. We tend to see our friends who travel so often and hassle-free. But, still, we resist the traveling thinking we are not made for a life like that. Hacks like where to eat, where to stay, and how to save on the unnecessary costs are very important. Always eat at local places, where you can save some money but at the same time eat delicious food. Always keep food and water in bulk, so that you can save on spending too much on small amounts.

Backpack it!

When you are traveling, especially during adventure travel, it is essential to pack light and minimum. When you are always on your feet, walking, you do not know what the next step is.
We sometimes tend to over-pack, and therefore, it is vital to take limited stuff, which helps in smooth mobility.

                   “If not now, when?”
                                       _Travel Junkie