Travel is for the soul and for the mind. India or Abroad, it’s all about exploring yourself and finding inspiration in the smallest of things you see. Sometimes it’s the best medicine, and sometimes the best way to learn that life is too short to let go. This time we thought of finding you some universal travel tips you must keep in mind when traveling. No questions asked these tips might help you experience a one of a kind trip.

Research is Critical

Read up about the destination you are visiting. You must know of any visa requirements, local laws, customary norms, and medical practices in the country—or countries—you plan to visit, all of which can help you with next steps towards your plan prep.

Passport is Life

Make sure that your little blue or green, or red, or black notebook is up to date. Your visa should be valid for up to six months from your exit date in the country and should have the required two blank pages. Not all countries require six months of validity or pre-visa provision, but let’s not learn the hard way; it pays to be safe and sound.

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Copy, Make a Copy!

Copy the page with your photo and full name on it, and keep these copies in all the places—in your bag and in different places of luggage, or even with people who may be traveling with you. Leave one copy of your passport back home too, and to take extra precaution, leave with an emergency contact. We are all nervous about your passport getting stolen?

Travel Alert

This may affect your travel plans. Travel alerts are issued on specific, one-off events. According to the respective Department, examples of reasons include an alert such as an election season that could mean strikes, demonstrations, or disturbances; a health alert like an outbreak of H1N1; or evidence of an elevated risk of the terrorist attack could be some of the major reasons.

Figure out your Recharge Plans

Research your phone plan, and see if it's cheaper to get a local SIM card and use a new number or a carrier service, or figure out international roaming plans. If you're going on a short trip or looking to save money, turn your phone on Airplane mode and use Wi-Fi to call via Skype or WhatsApp. (This is not me but advice from some of the most proficient travelers).

    -Travel Travel Everywhere; There’s no Travel too Short-