Traveling seems a luxury practice essentially. We book a taxi and a hotel and plan the whole itinerary for our trip. Going to Goa or Haridwar, a budget should be a must on your agenda before you even begin to plan your travel. One of the best ways of traveling is when you have everything on your checklist contemplated. The most significant is your budget because we very often tend to go over budget when we travel. On family travel, it becomes even more apparent. What I am suggesting is going a little over budget is inevitable sometimes, but going beyond all planed finance seems torturous. You come back home and feel the guilt over your habit of overspending, but this part only comes, after all, has passed, and you can no more recover the damage done.

So, here are some budget travel essentials which can work wonders for a traveler:

Travel with a Plan

When you are traveling on a budget spontaneity might seem over-rated. Do not confuse spontaneity with adventure; it is dangerous. So, a budget trip must be well planned, from the start to the end. The better you plan the trip, the lesser the chances of your overspending.

Travel Off-Season

The best way to save some money is traveling off-season. This helps you save money at hotels, at spas, at transportation and even at shopping. Make it a point to travel this way, and you will be surprised by the amount of money you end up saving. All the discounts you can tap are during the off-season.

Pack Wisely

We do not even know, but we spend half of our money unconsciously on trivial things. Do not do that! Packing smart can save you some precious bucks. Take all the essential things from home if you want to stay under budget. Travel with the must-haves such as; a pair of extra jeans, a warm jacket to have a full proof plan.

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Book in Advance

May it be a taxi or a flight you must book in advance. This is a trick that can save you a significant amount of money. Last moment bookings always cost too much. The point of budget travel is to travel smart and be well-prepared. I would say be pre-prepared when you travel on a budget.

Cash is to Spend!

The most essential part of traveling is the eating part. It is a must to venture into new cuisines and new ideas. The only way to not over-spend on eating is going traditional. You can experience food at the local markets. The trick is to ask the locals for the best places to eat around. This practice will not only keep you on a budget but also help you travel, ‘Adventure Style’.

     “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan to travel.”