The only hill station in Rajasthan Mount Abu beholds the beauty of hills amid the sun, serenity and sands of Rajasthan. Mount Abu local sightseeing package comes with the tranquil Nakki Lake, green hills, Jain temples and unique rock formations. Mount Abu tourist destinations always remain packed with tourists but the best time to visit Mount Abu is from October to February. While visiting tourists will enjoy the beauty of Mount Abu and nearby places by booking the cab to Mount Abu by Cabbazar. That offers many famous things in Mount Abu like the vibrant regional costumes, handicrafts and artefacts. In this piece of information you will get the glaring glimpse of attraction in Mount Abu.

1. Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake affectionately nestled within the heart of the breathtaking Aravalli range of Mount Abu (Hill station in Rajasthan Mount Abu) stands out as a scenic getaway for nature lovers. Surrounded by awe-inspiring natural wonders, this lake stands as the crown of Mount Abu. As India's first man-made lake, with an impressive depth of about 11,000 meters and a quarter of a mile in width, Nakki Lake invites you to bask in its splendor Located in the heart of the hill station , this stunning lake was bright with stunning greenery, towering mountains and unique rock formations Guided tours capture the spectacular scenery of Mount Abu, making it an attractive destination for those who love nature and amateur photographers

With its richly woven legends, Nakki Lake has deep cultural significance, especially when Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were discovered in water on February 12, 1948, near where Gandhi Ghat is revered was established In a transcendental historical sense, it is affectionately regarded as the "Lake of Love" of Mt , where pure blue waters placed in lush surroundings evoke a romantic atmosphere creating Lake Nakki including the sacred beauty of the sacred waters which the proud Garasian tribe regards. Enchanting natural wonders like the famous Toad Rock perched on a nearby mountain add to the beauty of Lake Nakki A scenic road along the lake leads to a scenic sunset , completing the immersive experience.

2. Guru Shikhar

Explore the magnificent charm of Guru Shikhar, the crown jewel of Mount Abu. Soaring proudly as the pinnacle of the Aravalli range, this enchanting peak beckons adventurers just 15 kilometers from the heart of Mount Abu. Elevating your journey 1722 meters above sea level, Guru Shikhar unveils a panoramic view of the Aravalli range and the picturesque hill station below. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic aura of 'Guru Shikhar', a tribute title to Guru Dattatreya. Legend has it that this spiritual sage once graced this very peak in his ascetic days, transforming the cave on the peak into a sacred temple As you climb higher, you get not only breathtaking views but living proof of spiritual history. Drive for 15 kilometres, followed by a climb up a few steps to reach the top of the Guru Peak.

3. Toad Rock

Tucked south of the lovely Nakki Lake on Mount Abu, Toad Rock emerges as an imposing formation, resembling a ready-made crab ready to leap into the crystal waters below This iconic site, revered as the symbolic guardian of Mount Abu, beckons all visitors. Remains a must-stop on every visitor's journey, promising an unparalleled view of the sprawling lake and green rolling hills Take on a scenic adventure by climbing Toad Rock, a climb that begins near the shores of Lake Nakki and requires conquering 250 steps to reach the top , although some may evoke a sense of awe. It’s important to note that the staircase exhibits signs of erosion in places, making it unsuitable for older individuals and children to climb. Take in the essence of this breathtaking structure, where rocks and water meet to reflect nature’s poetry.

4. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled among the majestic Mount Abu mountain ranges, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring wonders of nature Soaked in rich biodiversity, the sanctuary beckons explorers and nature lovers, earning its place as an essential destination in this quaint village It is the protection of various plants and animals that shine, Which makes it an important hub of eco-tourism This sanctuary unfolds like a story, weaving its story over a vast 288 km, passing breathtaking mountain heights from 300 meters to 1722 meters at Gura Peak, the pinnacle of the Aravali ranges, as one venture and so they encounter igneous rocks sculpted by the constant dance of water and wind, creating mesmerizing caves. For nature and animal enthusiasts, this haven offers a therapeutic escape, offering a glimpse of the wildlife of Rajasthan, the untamed beauty of the rich Harmony.

5. Dilwara Temples

Located within the breathtaking Aravalli Hills of Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Dilwara Temple stands as an enchanting pilgrimage site for Jains Built by the skilled hands of architect Tejpal and brought to life by Vimal Shah during the 11th to 13th centuries, the temple is the embodiment of grandeur They adorn the corner though of simplicity on the exterior Emotion may be emitted yet the moment you walk in you are ready to be mesmerized by the amazing designs and patterns carefully carved on the ceiling, walls, arches and pillars Dilwara Temple has five lovely temples - Vimalvasahi, Lunavasahi, Pittalahar, Parshavanath and Mahaviraswamy temple, each to revered Jain lords The dedicated are remarkable Which is why Vimal Wasahi and Luna Wasahi are stealing the spotlight with their unparalleled charm.

6. Mount Abu Sunset Point

Indulge your senses in the enchanting charm of Mount Abu, where a trip is not truly complete without the beauty of that sunset spot Nestled between the rugged Aravali hills this haven captures the essence of nature's canvas, as the sun kisses the landscape gracefully with golden hues The sunset point attracts travellers, offering a mesmerizing spectacle that appeals to sightseers and nature enthusiasts alike

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this perfect picnic spot, where the setting sun transforms the sky into a vibrant masterpiece of reds and oranges, contrasting against the lush greenery of the Aravali Ranges. Mount Abu's favorable climate ensures an idyllic setting, free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nearby Bailey's Walk provides an added charm with pony rides, catering to both adventurous tourists and delighted kids alike. To fully appreciate the spectacle, early visitors are rewarded with an undisturbed and clear view, enhancing the magic of the moment. Picture yourself on a cozy blanket, surrounded by munchies, in what can only be described as the most picturesque picnic setting in Mount Abu. As the sun dips below the horizon, the Sunset Point unveils its treasures - marble statues, sandalwood idols, and wooden toys - available at the temporary stalls that add a touch of local craftsmanship to the experience.

7. Raghunath Temple

Located on the serene banks of Lake Nakki on Mount Abu, the magnificent Sri Raghunathji Temple stands as a timeless testament to devotion, with a rich history of over 650 years This holy haven is dedicated to Lord Vishnu revered reincarnation, and attracts devotees especially Vaishnavism The temple is not just a system; It is a shrine that protects followers from natural disasters and offers comfort and deliverance from life’s trials

Exploring the architectural marvels of Mewar, the Raghunath Temple distinguishes itself through intricately detailed murals and delicate paintings, reflecting the cultural heritage of the region at its heart and Shri Raghunathji a beautifully sculpted statue, a magnetic focal point that draws all visitors down.

Beyond its physical beauty, the temple’s appeal is further enhanced by the stories woven into its very fabric. Legends whisper of unrequited love, including the untimely demise of a princess due to her forbidden love affair with the son of the ruler of Mount Abu. A poignant tribute to her memory, the temple stands as a symbol of enduring love. Another legend attributes the construction of the Raghunath Temple to a distinguished 14th century Hindu scholar, Sri Ramananda, who added a layer of historical significance to its holy ground. In essence, Shri Raghunathji Temple beckons not only as a spiritual refuge but also as a living proof of love, devotion and the rich cultural tapestry of Mewar.

8. Mount Abu Honeymoon Point

Located at a grand height of 4000 feet, Mount Abu Honeymoon Point is a scenic escape that showcases the breathtaking view of the setting sun, this beautiful spot is known as Anadara Point where the sky is decorated in red and yellow hues not a cowboy; Offering respite after a day filled with exploration and sightseeing, it’s an invitation to relax. The breathtaking views of Lake Nakki and the historic gate in the backdrop of Mount Abu enhance the scenery. It is a place where you can not only catch the distant rays of the sun but also take in the gentle breeze as you lose yourself in the infinite sky.

Named Honeymoon Point because of the striking resemblance of the two rocks, signifying male and female, it has been a favorite spot for couples and a haven for photographers looking for the perfect shot in a romantic setting and picturesque images It provides entertainment some more, making the whole experience memorable and thoroughly rewarding.

9. Achalgarh Village

Located in the heart of Mount Abu, Achalgarh village beckons with its captivating charm, home to the famous Achalgarh Fort and Achaleshwar Temple Magnificently perched on the hilltop, Achalgarh Fort is not just a structure; It's a testament to history and resilience. Take a brief, refreshing 10-minute climb from Achalgarh, and you’ll be immersed in the charm of the beautiful Jain temple. These historical marvels are revered not only for their divine significance but also their breathtaking scenic views and exquisite sculptures telling stories of long ago Achaleshwar Temple, the jewel within this cultural tapestry, is crafted from a harmonious blend of five metals, gold, silver, copper, brass and zinc Nandi is proud to have this divine creation adding a touch of mystery to an already awe-inspiring place, the village of Achalgarh that invites you to connect with the rich tapestry of heritage and spirituality.

10. Trevor’s Tank

Just 5 kilometers from the heart of Mount Abu lies the enchanting Trevor Tank—a man-made haven where nature and wildlife converge in a symphony of beauty Known as Trevor’s Shark Garden, the sanctuary goes beyond just being a breeding ground for sharks; It’s a mesmerizing wildlife sanctuary, beckoning adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Imagine embarking on a jungle safari, venturing so far as to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of crocodiles that inhabit a scenic pond where you can walk on foot Trevor’s tank isn’t just about the fearsome reptiles; It's a sanctuary for bird watching enthusiasts, adding another layer of charm to this refuge.

Delve into the heart of the forest and discover several strategically placed viewing stations that offer glimpses of wildlife in their undisturbed habitat Your journey is guided by experienced experts who unravel the mysteries of the sanctuary, making the safari an enriching experience. Yes, there is a small cost of INR 600 for this guided adventure, which is a modest fee for the treasure trove of memories you are about to create. While wildlife viewing may be limited, a chance encounter with a black bear adds an element of excitement to your expedition. Designed by visionary engineer Colonel G H Trevor, the sanctuary is not just a breeding ground; It is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

11. Gaumukh Temple

Nestled in the heart of Mount Abu, the Gaumukha Temple stands as a beacon of spirituality dedicated to the mighty Lord Shiva. Climbing the venerable 700 steps is not just a climb; It is a transformative journey. Around the peak there is a breathtaking picture that reflects the tranquil beauty of the valley. This sacred climb became synonymous with religious pilgrimages and year-round meditation. Enveloped in the lush embrace of dense forest, a cow’s face or cow’s head beckons with open arms. Devotees and pilgrims are welcomed at the entrance marked by a graceful statue of Nandi. The temple, adorned with idols of Lord Krishna, Rama and Rishi Vasishta, is a haven for spiritual seekers. In Hindu mythology, the mystery deepens as a gentle stream flows from the mouth of a marble bull, the divine offering of Nandi, the celestial companion of Lord Shiva.

12. Nakki Lake Market

Discover the heart of shopping pleasure at Nakki Lake Market, Mount Abu's bustling vibrant shopping mall. Nestled on the way to the stunning Nakki Lake, the market boasts a collection of luxury stalls, each a treasure trove of Rajasthani handicrafts from bandanis, the exquisite Jaipur quilts that make delicate, wonderfully designed handmade dolls, exquisite handbags, delectable -Immerse yourself in the fascination of designs and exquisite leather goods.

But that’s not all – Nakki Lake Market is a haven for fashion enthusiasts. Discover trendy jewelry, sparkling bracelets, beautiful wood art, and endless fun accessories that add a touch of uniqueness to your style. Enjoy the food around you - taste the richness of the hot rhubarb, enjoy the creaminess of the soft ice cream, savor the local flavors with a slice of irresistible pizza and the market is all about cooking a trip with numerous food stalls and vendors offering exciting street food offerings.

13. Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh Fort, perched on the tranquil hills of Mount Abu, beckons a journey through time. This 15th century wonder, although now a magnificent ruin, retains echoes of a glorious past. Picture this: As you enter through the magnificent Hanukkah Pole, a portal to history unfolds before your eyes. Venture deeper, and discover the Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple, a sanctuary of peace, and the picturesque Mandakini Lake, which invites you to lose yourself in its tranquil reflections. The towering statue of Nandi, a testament to the grandeur of the fort, should not be missed. Built by the illustrious Paramara dynasty and later revived by Maharana Kumbha, the Achalgarh fort stands as a living testament to architectural prowess. Explore the intricacies of Jain temples dating back to 1513, which adorn the fort complex.

14. Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Located inside the awe-inspiring Achalgarh fort complex on Mount Abu, Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple is not just a shrine; It is evidence of divine wonder. Picture this: a sacred place where the land itself resonates with the spiritual echo of Lord Shiva's fingerprints. Inside, the Shiva Linga, a mystical masterpiece, undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, shining vibrant colors three times a day – fiery red at dawn, the brilliance of saffron in the afternoon and a warm wheat color descending at dusk. However, the attraction does not end there. Imagine standing in front of the massive four-tonne Nandi statue, made from a harmonious blend of five elements. Legend whispers of his extraordinary power, as he once thwarted an army of invaders by summoning a swarm of bees. This divine guardian not only symbolizes strength but also protects the sanctity of this holy place. And then, there is the mysterious pit shrouded in mysticism. Many believe that hell is the gateway to the underworld.