Holi ! The festival of color catches the eyes of the tourists from all over the world towards the Brij Region. Where every corner is colored with the divine aura of the Krishna and Radha loves. Everyone wants to enjoy the Holi of Brij at least one time in their life. The vibrant traditional and cultural beauty of the Brij Region adore the eyes of every tourist. This year you can have your Holi memorable with the cab service of CabBazar. The affordable price with lots of comfort and luxury will surely give you the life long memory of your this Braj Holi. Your whole tour will go like playing with colors, enjoy delicious feats and bring afresh.

Why and When Holi is Celebrated?

Before jumping on the list of different holi celebrations lets just have some knowledge about Holi. From time immortal we all celebrate the festival of Holi. It signifies Lord Radha Krishna’s enduring and heavenly love. The festival of Holi starts with Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi on the evening of The Purnima falling in the month of Phalguna according to the  Hindu Calendar Vikram Samvat.

There are great cultural values associated with the Holi Festival -: It tells us to end and rid oneself of past errors, to end conflicts by meeting others, a day to forget and forgive.

Dates of Holi Festival celebration 2024

This year the Holi festival will begin in the event of Sunday, March 24 and ends in the evening of Monday, March 25. Don’t worry it is the main day of Holi but the beauty of Holi in Brij Region starts on 17th March with  the Sweets Holi (Laddoo Holi) of Barsana and ends on  26 March with the Huranga Holi in Baldev (Dauji Temple).

So now look briefly into the different Holi celebrations held in Brijmandal.

17 March : Phag Invitatinal Festival and Laddoo Holi, Barsana

Holi in Braj begins with the row of the Holi celebration in Barsana. An easy ride to the Barsana with a cab immerses your heart in the divine color of Radha Rani.  The birthplace of Goddess Radha Rani, Barsana is one of the religious places in Hindu Mythology. Here you will see the men from neighboring villages don traditional attire and engage in a playful battle.

The whole ambience will be filled with the folk Holi songs and colors. As you get off form the joyful chaos of the surrounding you will witness the  iconic Laddoo Holi, where women of Barsana playfully beat the men with sticks (Latth) while they shield themselves with shields.

18 March : Lathmar Holi, Barsana

Imagine the vibrant streets awash with color, pulsating with music, and echoing with joyous chants. Goosebumps! Literally on the day of Lathmar Holi Barsana you will witness the fight. But it is a joyful cultural fight that happened between Man and Women. Where women playfully try to assert their power, Men on the other site embrace the challenge, shielding themselves with dhals and trying to catch the colorful gulal thrown by the women.

Celebrated in the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh, battle of colors and sticks is a sight to behold! You can not witness how women playfully wield lathi and men gleefully dodging them with such joyous revelry.

19, March : Lathmar Holi, Nandgaon

On the next day you can go to Nandgaon from Barsana with your pre-booked cab. A short distance takes you to Lord Krishna’s childhood memory. Here also you will get the chance to see the Lathmar Holi. Like Barsana here you enjoy the joyous fight with different energies and enthusiasts.

Here also women take the lead and armed themselves with colorful gulal and sticks to take playful revenge for the men of their village who shield them to shields.

20, March : Phoolon wali Holi at Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan, Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Holi

This day is full of dazzling colors and intoxicating fragrances. Yes! On this day you will see the Phool Holi of Banke Bihari and the colorful Holi of Krishna Janambhoomi. In Banke Bihari the real petals dyes will color you. Also the enchanting bhajan makes you dance in the shower of Petals. The beauty of showing flower petals makes the whole temple fragrance with the purity and spiritual rejuvenation in Vrindavan Holi.

Also the vibrant traditional and cultural program of Krishna Janmabhoomi, the sound of the beats and the beauty of color gets so synchronized that everyone just gets lost in the rain of spiritual color. Everyone plays Holi in the temple vicinity near the god’s feet that makes the whole Holi experience very fresh and spiritual.

21 March : Lathmar Holi (Stick Mar Holi), Gokul

Gokul, the childhood abode of Lord Krishna has always kept special places among the devotees. As they want to feel the vibes of Shri Krishna’s childhood. Here Shri Krishna is not only worshipped but also treated like a beloved child. Especially on the Holi Shri Krihsna took the center stage of celebration.

In Gokul Holi you will witness how the revengeful Lathmar Holi takes a softer turn. Local women armed themselves with small sticks (Chhadi) and playfully taps the men, teasing and chasing them through the colorful streets.

23, March : Widow’s Holi at Radha Gopinath Temple, Vrindavan

For a very long time it is believed that widows are restricted from wearing vibrant colours and celebrating festivals. Here in the Gopinath Temple you witness the great transformation of social norms. As Vrindavan is home to the more than 6,000 widow who lives here life of seclusion and simplicity after losing their husbands.

The widow’s Holi celebration at Radha Gopinath temple started in 2013, by social organization Sulabh International especially for them. Here you will see the smiley faces of widows in vibrant clothes. They enjoy the color, joyous laughter and devotional songs as they throw vibrant powders and fragrant petals, dancing and celebrating.

24, March : Holika Dahan and Holi of Flowers at Banke Bihari Temple

On this day as the sun goes on the west horizon, head to Holi Gate in Mathura you will see the captivating ritual of Holika Dahan. It represents the mythological story of Lord Prahalad and Holika. A towering bonfire in the human shape crackling with energy awaits. It symbolizes the victory of virtue over evil. Here you will see locals offering prayers, changing hymns and celebrating this ancient ceremony that cleans and purifies.

On the other side Holi celebration in Vrindavan offers Holi in Banke Bihari Temple that gives thrill when the Priests shower devotees with a fragrant rain of colorful powders and holy water. This colorful celebration starts from 9 AM and goes till 1:30 PM.

Also a grand procession from Vishram Ghat near Dwarkadhish Temple takes the whole town into the deep dive of Holi’s colors. It starts around  PM and goes from the main streets of the town. You will see people dressed in different attire including Krishna and Radha enjoying the colors and dancing with people.

25, March : Main Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan

It is the main day of the Holi celebration in Mathura known as Dhulandi. This day you will see that every street of the Brij Region is drenched in the beauty of colours.The kaleidoscope of colors and infectious joy can be seen on every individual face.

The beauty of colours can be traced in the sky of the town, also the joyous chaos, flaying gulal and dance on beat of dhol with melodious Holi hymns sock everyone indulge in it. Also here early in morning you might be witness to a special sight - priests preparing bhang, a traditional cannabis drink often consumed during Holi.

26, March : Huranga Holi in Baldev at Dauji Temple

This is the closing of the long going on Holi celebration in Brij Region. You can reach Baldeo with your booked cab from Mathura. The day after Holi, Huranga Holi is celebrated at Dauji Temple. It is an approx. 500 year long tradition that still continues with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Here in Dauji ka Huranga you will also connect with another great playful game where women from the family which established the temple, playfully tear off the men's shirts and beat them up with strips of their own clothes in the Temple courtyard.

In this blog you will get every important information that helps you to plan your Holi celebration in the Mathura-Vrindavan. Where the colorful streets with lots of love and devotion awaits for your warm presence.