We have talked about things like where to travel? When to travel? How to travel? Things to keep in mind while travel? And the famous Do’s and Don’ts of travel? But how much do we think about what to do while we travel and discuss about what are the best things to do when we go on a vacation. We generally do not work on our itinerary when we travel, especially in India. We think we know about the outstation destination and tend to overtly make plans over a weekend. Here are some of the tips you can keep in mind while travelling outstation.

Utilize your Mornings

We all might feel like lazing around in the morning, but that is the best time to explore an outstation destination. When we talk about the weather, the crowd, and your energy, this is the best time to spend some quality time at your favorite dwelling. In addition, it gives you more time during the rest of the day to travel around.
You are not there to sleep! This will help you keep your agenda straight.

Get in water as much as possible

May it be the hill stations or the coastal areas, waterfalls, lakes and beaches are the best places to have some fun. This is the best time, and you must enjoy to your fullest. Also, the popular water sports like River Rafting, Kayaking, Banana Ride, and even Scuba diving is available in India nowadays.

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Try Adventure rides

Other than water sports you can also try, outdoor sports. When it comes to travelling in India, there are numerous places where you can organize a little picnic for a day. This helps you pack some good food and spend some time playing or just lazing around.

Go Food Mad

Travelling and food is a match made in Heaven. Obsession with food is obvious when it comes to travelling, but eating well at the most popular places is what you must strategize. Do not try everything and anything you see and please do not binge on coke and chips. Those are the two worst things you could do.

March your way out _ Try Exploring on Foot

Exploration is best done on foot. This saves you money and time both, believe me! It becomes easy to get to know the locals and the best places to go to. You can jump in and discover whatever you see best fit for yourself around.

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