Our grandmothers have told us all our childhood about the Ganga and the tales of the legends that arise from the Indian mythology. It is the Mecca for the Indians. The belief that all your sins are washed by the purity of the divine waters has become the most famous tale of the Indian tradition. The world has advanced, but our hearts and our roots stand at the foot of this divine river and the place which inhabits it_ Haridwar. We all have visited the place once or even multiple time and still plan to visit it on the most auspicious occasions of our lives. Now, we might have visited the place for religious reasons, but every time we visit again we discover something new.

We all know temples in Haridwar by heart and the Har Ki Pauri where Ganga resides at the banks of Haridwar, but we are here to tell you about the most craved for eateries at the city of pilgrims.

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Haveli Hari Ganga Restaurant

It is a must visit eatery at the Ghat! Because this place is an all in one. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can see the awe-inspiring view of the Ganga, the sunrise, and the sunset. They have a pure-vegetarian menu, where you can eat all the cuisines.

Hoshiyar Puri

If you want a dhaba style experience, then you have to visit this place. The food is incredible, fresh and budget friendly. The one must order item is the ‘Lassi,’ which is served in a big jar that is irresistible. A small tip if you are eating Mughlai is to order ‘Lachha Paratha,’ rather than plain roti’s. For desi food, this is a must try the place.

Pracheen Mathura Wala

The name of the place signifies in true essence its persona. The restaurant stands strong for 90 long years. It might be tiny, it might have a long queue, but the food here is incredible. The eatery is famous for its famous sweet samosas. Famous for its authentic “Aloo puri” and the crazy masala food Haridwar is known for can be experienced here.


Very popular because of their marketing strategy, as soon as you enter the premises you can see a man sitting in elaborate makeup, with the famous choti. One of the most affordable places, with a wide menu including Indian, Chinese and Tandoori-style food. We insist on sticking to Indian Food; you can order a Thali that is the best choice if you intend to eat tasty food.

Bhagwati Chole Bhature

One of the oldest restaurants of Haridwar, which began as a small Chaâba, and is still going strong operating for decades. The name itself tells you, what the place is best known for. Another, specialty you can try is their salads. Do keep in mind that the place closes at 5 pm, so if you are planning to visit, then you must visit early. It has a takeaway station also, so you have the additional choice if you do not want to stay and eat at the place.

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