It's hot and we all know it! The first place we all think of going around because of course, it is the summer season is a hill station. And with kids, it is always so obvious to have a good long summer vacation. So, because it is vacation time, we suggest you can maybe go to a hill station that stands south to India. Yes! It is Ooty. Ooty is a beautiful attraction, which was a popular vacation destination some six to seven years ago. Nowadays, Shimla and Manali are the rending new holiday destinations, but we would suggest you must try Ooty this summer. If your kids are water babies, then it is a perfect place to be because you can get plenty of sports and boating opportunities here.

Some of the exquisite attractions of Ooty; we are telling you the most trending places to visit in Ooty and not just the usual quota:

Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

I think the best part is the toy train is not just for the kids but for the family as a whole. This is one of the most exciting and adventurous things you must try. A summer vacation trip! Ooty is cool otherwise but does get your caps and sunglasses on because it is an open area and still sunny around the evenings. I am sure the kids might feel they are on the train to Hogwarts.

Campaigning and Trekking

If you are a family with teenagers and want to introduce the young blood with a little responsible adventure, you can take them for trekking and a campaigning trip. Ooty offers several places you can campaign in the budget. This can be a great opportunity for the family to spend some good old style quality time, away from technology. Recommendation for Trekking: Thrillophilia.

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The Sports Guide

If you are into sports then there is a little something stored in there for you. Ooty being the birthplace of 'Snooker' takes you back in time where it all began. You can visit the Colonial Club where they have all the original wooden equipment and good old style Bullet bike, which reminds one of the sports enthusiasts of the colonial era. Do try visiting the place: it has a great colonial era vibe. It can be a great way to make children keep up with their history lessons.

The Couples Retreat

One more aspect of Ooty is popular is for great Honeymoon Resorts. I won't take names, but they have everything for every budget and that is why the couples can try out the beautiful place with the best in class facilities. A great spa and some fresh air can do no harm.

Also, the families can try these beautiful, all exclusive resorts, if they are looking for a luxurious travel.
Families deserve some pampering too during Holiday season.

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