Pune is famous for its rich history of Peshwa regime. The city is pre-dominantly visited in concern to its historical legacy. The Maratha Empire was known for its chivalry. The empire is remembered for its great worriers Chattrapati Shivaji and Peshwa Bajirao. This legacy is recalled through the heritage sights which are an integral part of the present day Pune city. It is one of the most famous outstation destinations on route Mumbai. Some of the most famous sights you can explore on a two day trip to Pune are as follows. All you need to do now is gear up.
Some of the most trending places to visit in Pune:-


The place is located in the remote vicinity, on a hill-top. The museum is a collection of eminent historical relics. It is a paradise for history lovers. It is the perfect place to experience the culture of the Peshwa Empire. The aesthetic ambience of the place personifies the vibrant tradition of the old Peshwa regime.


The fort reminds you of the still permanence of the Peshwa Empire. The place is above sea-level and extremely refreshing. The cool breeze will make you want to stay here forever. Highly Recommended, during the rainy season.

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The mandir is meant to be a replica of the Tirupati Venkateswara Temple. The beautiful mini-Tirupati is a must visit. The scenic beauty is worthy of making memories. A must visit if you are visiting Pune. The terrain is quite different in comparison to the northern states and therefore, one must visit the place during the holidays.


Known for the Vetal Temple located at the hill top, the place is extremely beautiful and worthy of a one-time visit. The temple stands at the height of 2600 ft. The hill drives his name from the mandir located on the hilltop. A perfect place to refresh and relax.


The best place for cricket enthusiasts. It is a sports museum devoted to the history of cricket. This is where you can find all your heroes and the memorabilia from the iconic players. A small but a fun place to visit. You can just take a taxi to the place; it is going to take you an hour and a half to visit the place.


This is the place to visit if you are traveling with kids. It is a miniature museum host working models of various train types. They have a choreographed 45 minutes show on the history of trains. The children might find the light and sound effect fun.


The museum is devoted to Gandhi’s life, featuring photographs, personal belongings etc. Students can learn a lot about the great journey of the man. The experience is both fun and play; the place has great ambience with peaceful and greenery all around.

-The Taxi rides will Fade, but the Memories will Last Forever-