With 1.59 billion Covid vaccinations in India and continuously growing number of Indians getting vaccinated, travel has become a lot safer than it was last year. But Coronavirus pandemic is still not over yet, and hence one must consider safety measures to travel safely.

The following tips will help ensure that everyone in your travelling group remains healthy.

1. Get Vaccinated

It is advisable to plan your travel atleast 2 weeks after getting vaccinated so that your body builds up the required immunity.

2. Choose Destination with less infection rate

If you are planning a holiday trip, it is advisable to consider the Covid-19 infection rate to choose your destination. Destinations with more outdoor attractions are also preferable than the indoor ones. Prefer Domestic travel rather than International.

3. Choose less risky Mode of Travel

It is advisable to choose safest form of transportation, prefer private vehicle or cab instead of public transport as it substantially limits interactions with other people. You can book sanitized cab for anywhere in India at CabBazar.

4. Ventilation is important both during travel and at Destination

It is better to open windows rather than closed AC cabin, be it in cab during travel or in hotel at your destination.

5. Make a list of essentials

Keep your sanitizer, hand soap, reusable face masks, disinfectant wipes, and tissues handy. A set of disposable seat covers and travel pillow will help further to prevent contamination.

6. Mask up

It is advisable to use N-95 mask during travel as they are FDA approved for blocking 95% of particles and are easily breathable.

7. Precaution while Eating out

Avoid indoor restaurant. Prefer to dine outside or get takeaway. Eat fresh and healthy to maintain healthy immune system.

8. Daily Sanitization of Hotel room

Request hotel staff to sanitize the room on a daily basis.

9. Minimal Contact Clothing

It is advisable to cover your body as much as possible. Travellers can ear goggles that will add a protective layer for eyes.

10. Carry Less Baggage

Try to carry the minimum possible baggage to reduce risk of transfer of microbes on to the items. Sanitise before leaving the house and before re-entering the house.

For many of us, it’s been two years since we’ve taken a vacation or spent holidays with extended family. After many of us stayed home for so long, it’s time — still being smart and careful — to start satisfying that wanderlust again.