Delhi has always been one of the best destinations for travelers to enjoy their day or a weekend. We so often visit Delhi in passing when visiting a nearby outstation that it becomes impossible to keep the count. And therefore, there remain numerous opportunities for us to visit and explore the most famous eating joints in the city with nothing to lose. We can always come back and enjoy and experience the new and old destinations. Being the metropolitan city, Delhi caters the most famous cuisines from all parts of the country. In other words, we can say that Delhi can be defined as the perfect capital city of India. We can simply take a taxi and travel all around the place.

The most famous eateries in Delhi are as follows:


Let’s begin with the starters. The place is located in the narrow streets of Chandni Chowk. Not everyone knows about the restaurant. But, the food served here is absolutely mouthwatering. The best-known place for chat etc. and it is extremely affordable. The food starts at Rs.50 for not one but two.

Must Try: Aloo Kulla and Fruit Chart


We talk about Vrindavan but the Iskon, which is located in Delhi, is very famous for its food. They have a buffet system that includes Indian food as well as Chinese. They are also known for the unique Chhappan Bhog thali. The divine food is absolutely lip-smacking. Best food for foodies in Delhi.

Must Try: Everything

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All kinds of Parathas are available here, you name it, and they have it, with a load of Butter, sweet curd, and pickles. The food is served till late at night. Nothing can be better than the hot fresh parathas in the world.

Must Try: Mix Paratha


At Sarojini Nagar, the very famous pakora and hot tea. Located at the Ring Road Market; they prepare around ten types of pakoras. Delhi is famous for its affordable street food, and this is one place everyone must try. All the Delhites know the place by heart as they serve all day long.

Must Try: Roti Pakora and Paneer Pakora


It is one of the most demanded non-vegetarian places. The restaurant is located in Khan Market best known for the Kababs accompanied by the delicious green chutney. The biryani, from mutton to chicken to rolls and roti, all kinds of combinations are available here.

Must Try: Rolls and Kababs


The place is located at Satya Niketan, ask anyone, and they’ll direct you to the exact site. Popular as the DU student’s hub, you will find a lot of eating joints. But, the gravy momos is a must try. They might be the best latest discovery of Delhi.

Must Try: Gravy Momos and Chicken Momos


The Kababs do melt in the mouth; the place is located in the Defense Colony Market. The rolls is another thing the place is famous for. The variety is amazing here.

Must Try: Kakori Kabab, Afghani Kabab, and Chicken Tikka