Business travel is not as eccentric as one might perceive. The work is the priority even if you plan on keeping some time aside for yourself. The work and travel take over your sleeping pattern, the constant packing seems like a drag, and sticking to your devices like a married couple can lead to a grumpy routine. These are some advice one can keep in mind while planning a business trip.


Charge them all!
Business means you have to be tech-savvy; you will need all the tech required, may it be your mobile, laptop, your device accessories, charge them all 100% before you leave for home. It does happen that you might not an access to an outlet for charging when you need it.

Keep your Itinerary scanned
It is very important to make sure that you have your travel information available alongside other than your phone or your laptop. A back-up, believe it or not, is very crucial, when it comes to a case of emergency. There is a chance of losing or even breaking one of your devices.

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Download these App’s

Reserve a table at top Indian restaurants; explore reviews, menus & photos. Make India dining reservations & find a perfect spot for any event outstation and abroad. It is a great app for especially foreigners who are unaccustomed to the destination.

Out of Office
You can set your time to leave the office on the App. This will make it easy to organize and keep your stress down and set expectations for the recipients. It makes life easy when you are on a time crunch.

Rental car App
This is a must if you are on a business travel outstation. Book a taxi according to the day’s routine. This saves you a lot of botheration and helps you at the same time to keep up with the rest of the day. You will realize that this saves you a lot more money in comparison with taking a taxi randomly.

Packing Business Style

Carry-on or Checking Luggage
For short travels, people prefer to travel with a carry-on. This saves one a lot of time and a chance of losing luggage on the way. So, carry-on is the way to go as long as you are comfortable. Even in case of long trip’s one must prefer a carry-on.

Pack Minimum gear
This is in case of business or no business; you must pack minimal. Unless you are traveling for a celebration you should take as less as you can. So, do not pack more than you need.

Buy Duplicates and Leave Them in Your Luggage
You know the documents you absolutely need when you travel. Make copies of the documents and keep the extras in your luggage. Let’s say some of the necessary evils that never leave your travel bag include headphones, phone charger, lint roller, and all liquid toiletries.

              - Work, Travel, Save, Repeat -