1. You can have no money and see the world. You can have billions and still stay at home, ignorant.” So, be courageous, take a leap and take some risks. There is no age to start, so travel now.

  2. So, here’s how to start traveling. Find your adventurous friends and pack your bags. “If you hang out with your more adventurous friends, you’re more likely to try extreme experiences.” It’s a proven fact.

  3. Here’s the reason why some of you are not traveling. “People would travel more if they were less afraid. People would be less afraid if they traveled more.” Traveling keeps you healthy, so do it more!

  4. Here’s a tip if you are thinking of traveling abroad soon. “Paying by card abroad can be cheaper than withdrawing money from ATMs; remember to check with your bank before you leave on your trip”.

  5. Isn’t food one of the best ways to discover a country?” Yes, it is the best way to explore and experience a place. May it be local or international.

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  1. Don’t have time! That’s fine, but don’t give excuses for not traveling. “You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to embark on an adventure. A mini-adventure counts, too.

  2. Traveling with a cause makes the whole experience more fulfilling.” Don’t you think that India represents the quote perfectly; we all travel for pilgrimage all the time!

  3. This is the one thing that everyone must try once. “It’s sometimes cool to switch off all your electronic devices and spend a weekend completely offline.

  4. Small towns and villages without tourist attractions tend to have a special place in your heart because you are forced to find creative ways to have fun.” One thing that makes every traveler feel the real meaning of traveling.

  5. Just try to go with the flow. It is the best way to experience travel. “Sometimes, you need to give up on comfort if you desperately want to visit a place you can’t afford.

The last thought is what you will find extremely relevant if you are a lone traveler. “The best discoveries are made when you get lost (sometimes on purpose).”