We live in the century where no one can imagine living without our phones, laptops, cameras, GPS etc. And when it comes to traveling, the idea of wondering around with all the gadgets might seem lucrative but the case is not so generally. So, here we are with some guidelines that can be kept in mind when traveling with gadgets. As, each mother might say, “Will you ever listen?” we would tell you in this case, guys! Do listen to us please, because the love with technology is fine but the gadgets are very expensive and that is the only reason one has to be careful. As, they say, “you never know, what adventure might come your way while traveling”.

The Big Old Laptop

A big no, no! You must not carry your laptop while traveling. We generally want to take our laptop everywhere, and it is not just the millennials but also the parents who cannot stay away from their gadgets nowadays. If, you can’t stay without one you can take your iPad but taking a laptop can be extremely tiresome as well as risky. Please, guys today’s laptops are mobile devices, have faith in them!

Sync everything, it is a must!

Click pictures and save them to the notes. Evernote can be your new best friend. Also, we should not forget Google Doc’s. We can save pictures, documents etc. anything you need on it, it is one of the handy technology products, which is great if used appropriately when needed. Going, outstation can be made easy by these tech. optimization techniques.

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Don’t tail your mail

The biggest issue with emails is you tend to lose the updates in the right time. What you should so is trying not to work during your outstation vacation or you can use tools such as Cloud based Trello to organize your lists, pictures and attachments etc. which you can share with your mates, colleagues, and clients. This makes things searchable and manages them at the same time.

Social Media Saves all the Money

The applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Apple’s FaceTime, and Google Hangouts, save you some money and extra charges that might incur overhead costs. It’s not fun to travel for business or vacation and then face a shock when your phone bill arrives. None of us wants that!

Source Camera

Sometimes, we tend to miss place certain things while travelling and top of the list might be your camera. We use it very often, all round the trip and in case of loss, the money as well as memories. So, it is very important to keep a backup in case anything happens to the camera. You can connect the pictures to a cloud, or the drive, where you know it is safe.

Taxi or no taxi, Outstation or abroad, these are some of the things a traveler must keep in mind when it comes to traveling with gadgets. Another thing you can do is, find travel insurance and can insured. I feel this is not a very popular idea in India but we should get used to it. It helps one travel with freedom and free-will.