Popular for its sculptures, Khajuraoh has been among one of the most visited outstation destinations of India. The reason behind its fame is, it being a repository for numerous religious faiths. At Khajuraoh there are a group of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples. The aesthetic quality of the place is why it stands among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.

Here is the list of places you must visit when travelling to Khajuraoh:

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

The name meaning the Great God of the Cave makes for the largest and the most elaborate Hindu Temple in Khajuraoh. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Khajuraoh itself is known for its unique architecture, so, the largest temple is expected to captivate you.

Devi Jagadambi Temple

The stone carvings are the major attraction here. Goddess Jadamba’s sculpture is famous for the silver eyes it has been adorned with. It has fetched many historians, and architects curiosity since years, as the monuments date back to 10th-12th century.

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Vishvanatha Temple

This place an artist’s paradise. The sculptures here are considered to be the most proportionate and that is the reason it has been part of many case studies in the field. I suggest all the students associated to the field, should visit the place. For everyone else, they can visit it if they want to enjoy art and meet Lord Shiva.

Nandi Temple

The story goes like this; every Nandi temple is considered very auspicious because he is considered the messenger of Lord Shiva, if you want to ask something out of Shiva, this is the way to go. So, everyone goes and speaks their wish in Nandi’s ear and then it is believed that Nandi communicates the message to Lord Shiva.

Chitragupta Temple

It is the only Sun temple among the fleet of 25 sights. The huge sculpture of Suryadev on a chariot driving seven horses seems larger than life. The temple represents the long lost luxurious lineage of the Chandela Empire.

Lakshmi Temple

Architecturally, historically and aesthetically the monument has a beautiful persona. If we talk in terms of pilgrimage, the place is known for goddess of fortune and wealth; Goddess Lakshmi.

This can be your itinerary for a day’s trip around the place. What you can do is select your favorite sights and travel around to experience Khajuraoh. A family trip can be planned to the outstation destination; you can simply book a taxi or a traveler and go for the great Indian family vacation.

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