Nestled on the bank of Divine Ganga Rishikesh, one of the most sacred cities of North India offers a lot to the tourists. Located at the foothills of the mighty Himalaya, Rishikesh offers a divine trail to the land of Devbhoomi 'Uttarakhand'. The celestial city is known as  hermit's hermitage, sage's abode, and an adventure paradise. Here devotees and tourists get drenched with the spiritual aroma of the the tranquil ambience jewel with the incredible natural beauty. You can have a tour of the sightseeing places in Rishikesh by booking cab from CabBzar. Rishikesh is famous for its vast range of sightseeing, adventurous and spiritual destinations and the best time to visit Rishikesh is the pleasant weather between September to March. For making your trip comfortable and convenient CabBazar is always ready to provide its services.

Famous Places To Visit in Rishikesh

1. Triveni Ghat: Confluence Point Of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati

Triveni Ghat is one of the sacred sites of Rishikesh. Situated on the confluence of three sacred rivers, The Ganga, The Yamuna and The Saraswati (A mystical Vedic River) it offer one of the best places in Rishikesh. It is known as one of the most popular bathing Ghats of Rishikesh and is one of best places to visit in Rishikesh. Devotees used to take bathe on the Ghat, before starting it's spiritual journey. Trivani Ghat offers a best place for have a dip in the Ganga River water. Having a bath in Ganga River is considered a pious religious ceremony that one should do in his/her life. Also the daily Ganga Aarti here gives the very different experiences to visitors. When the whole Ghat douse with the grace of Ganga.

2. Lakshman Jhula: A Historical Suspension Bridge

While strolling in the beautiful Rishikesh streets, a suspension bridge of about 450ft long will catch your eyes. Named on the Lakshmana, a historical character form Ramayana. It is said that Lakshmana crossed the mighty Ganga using two jute ropes. But now the historical bridge is made up of Iron at the height of 70 ft. from the river. Also a temple dedicated to Lord Lakshmana is present near the bridge. Tourists enjoys the thrilling experiences of lazily swinging bridge with the pictorial overview of the surrounding landscape.

3. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple: Place Where Shiva Consumed Halahala

In the divine ambience of  Rishikesh, tourists find several temples, but the Neelkanth Mahadev is one of much visited one. The ancient temple is situated in the Pauri Garhwal district near 32 km from the center town. You can reach there comfortably by booking car rental with CabBazar in Rishikesh. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is an Idol of blue-throated Lord Shiva in sanctum sanctorum of Temple. The tells the very significant story of Samundra Manthan. Further the intrinsically carves Dravidian style architecture of temples took the sight of visitors. For taking Lord Shiva blessings devotees will come here all around the year.

4.  Rajaji National Park: Wonder of Mother Earth Beauty

Rajaji national park is another tourist place in Rishikesh nestled under the incredible beauty of Himalaya. This park is home to many vibrant colorful flora and fauna, some are  especially found here only. The park combines three sanctuaries namely Chilla, Motichur and Rajaji. The park is also known for it's bird watching sites that offers around 400 species of birds. Tourists will get fascinates with the vibrant surrounding that offers the picturesque views. Further waling through the thick forests where chirping of exotic birds, looming green grasses and giggling river streams will astonished the tourists.

5. River Rafting & Bungee Jumping: Where You Enjoy The Thrill

Besides its spiritual sites, tourists will enjoy river rafting in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is one of the great adventure destinations to daredevils. In the natural tapestry and wonderful surroundings, tourists enjoy the thrilling experience  of all that adventure. In the icy water of Ganga tourists will get the very new experience where the thrill of adventure will adjoin the beauty of surroundings. Further, the tourists will also have chance to enjoy Cliff Jumping at the lower part of Brahmapuri stretch, known for it. Also India's highest bungee jumping will also capture your eyes to feel the misty air of Rishikesh. All that thrilling experience will astound the tourists.

6. Kaudiyala: Birthplace Of White River Rafting

At the elevation of 380 m form sea level amid the dense forest, Kudiyala welcomes the tourists in it's beautiful territory. Located near the center town of Rishikesh, Kudiyala is easily reachable by taxi service provided by CabBazar in Rishikesh. This wonderful destination is known to be a great water sports site of North India-particular for it's White River Rafting. Apart from that the vibrant greenery of landscape is perfect for camping. The incredible territory of the town also consists the beautiful river beaches, full of picturesque sceneries.  Where you can also have the fun of other sports like volleyball, rappelling and rock climbing.  To capture the true beauty of the Kudiylala , tourists should have to visit the town from September to November and March to June.

7. Neer Garh Waterfall: An Astonished Waterfall Trek

Neer Garh Waterfall is another one of the most visit tourists place in Rishikesh. Placed in the natural tapestry of the Himalayan Range  Tourists reach there after a beautiful trekking trail amid the dense forest and a hiking experience of cliff. Here tourists will enjoy a narrow stream of pellucid water cascading through the tough terrains of the mystical Himalaya. The waterfall is also known as 'Neer Gaddu', and also has a beautiful jade-blue hue. The mesmerizing surroundings of the Neer Garh Waterfall, encaptivates the eyes of natural lovers to it's immiscible charm.

8. Tera Manzil Temple: Multistory Building On Ganga Bed

Situated on the bank of Mighty Ganga, Trimbakeshwar Temple also known Tera Manzil Temple due to multistory temple complex capture the sight of the tourists. Here, in the spiritual ambience of the temple devotees get drenched with the divine vibes. As the temples has thirteen stories, you will see visit several deities under one roof. Along that the roaring sound of Ganga with the beautiful picaresque sceneries captivate your eyes. Especially from the top floor of the temple tourists can see the whole glimpse of Rishikesh, that will gives goosebumps to them.

9. Ganga Aarti: A Holy Ritual On Ganga Ghat

While visiting Rishikesh, tourists never want to miss the Ganga Aarti. It is an auspicious ritual held every evening on the ghat at the grand scale. Devotees from the far fringes of the land, come here to attend this holiest offering to Mother Ganga. The whole ambience of the town will encaptivated with the rain of verses. Also the views of hundreds lit diyas flows over the river streams captures the sight of visitors. Further the warm  diyas and the blissful chants of Mantra soaks you in the spiritual trail. The most famous ghats for the Ganga Aarti is the Triveni Ghats that hosts thousands of devotees every day.

10. Ram Jhula: Another Suspension Bridge On Ganga

Ram Jhula is another great iconic historical monuments of India that hosts the epic story of Ramayana with them. It was built in 1986, in the conjunction of the Ganga river. Being a 750ft long the bridge works as a connecters to the ashrams situated both sides of river. The structure of the bridge is identical with the Lakshman Jhula, and only have a walking distance with them. Walking across the bridge will gives the great eye sight views of the mighty Ganga river. You can witness the view of how the gigantic stream of the Ganga tickling down from the sky high mountains and dense forest.

11. Bharat Mandir: Land Of Sage Adi Shankaracharya

Situated near the Triveni Ghat, Bharat Mandir is also the another wonderful place to explore. It is said that, The temple is one the oldest temple situated in the city. It was founded by the Adi Shankracharya in the 12th century and named after the Bharat, Rama's brother. The temple has idol of Lord Vishnu in the form of Saligram, carved out from a single black stone. On the auspicious day of Basant Panchami, is the best time to visit the temple. On this occasion thousands of devotees gathered here to witness the holy bath of the Lord Vishnu' idol in the sacred Mayakund.