If you are feeling bored and get frustrated with the 9to5 way of routine life and looking for the perfect escape plan for this weekend and vacation near Gurgaon City. So don't worry here is plenty of destination for you. You can choose your favorite one from the vast range of basket. You will enjoy the thrilling activities in 32nd milestone, also the delicious cuisine of Murthal after having fun is great choice. Also walking through the green vistas of Aravalli Biodiversity park gives you a perfect recreational site amid the buzzing streets of Gurgaon city. Apart from that there are  many more to explore in the periphery of Gurgaon. You can book a cab by Booking outstation cabs for your trip at CabBazar, that offers a reliable and comfortable experience at the best price.

1.  Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Located in the Gurgaon district of Haryana, Sultanpur National Park & Bird Sanctuary is a dream destination for bird watchers and nature lovers. Here in the enchanting tapestry of lush greenery tourists will enjoy the symphony of chirping birds whose melodious sounds rejuvenates the tourists. Also the paradisal and serene atmosphere cuddle the sanctuary and captive the visitors.

The beautiful greenery, the chirping of the birds, and the peaceful ambiance are a perfect combination. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is really a natural paradise that offers you the very views of exotics birds like Greater Flamingos, Siberian Cranes, Rosy Pelicans, White Wagtails, Yellow Wagtail, and Northern Shoveler. To grab rare sceneries and memories one should take a camera with them.  It is a great experience to visit the park, especially with the car. So you can't miss the extraordinary experiences of the wonderful route.

2. Surajkund

At the outer periphery of Gurgaon, Surajkund is one of the enchanting destinations that are full of vibrant colorful ambiance, diverse culture, rich heritage that is filled with the rhythm of drum beats and joy de-Vivre. An Ancient village host the current popular picnic spot at the periphery of Gurgaon and is one of the best places to visit near Gurgaon.

If you want to enjoy real India then the Surajkund International Crafts Mela is one great option for you. Here you will get the glimpse of pan Indian culture and heritage that not only catches the eyes of the locals. But tourists from the international arena who come here to take part will also get mesmerized by the beauty of that. The ancient town is known for its serene beautiful picnic location like the beautiful gardens and parks and the most famous of them is Siddha Kund.  Peacock Lake and Terra Cotta Park are other amazing sites to explore.

3. Damdama Lake

Damdama is one of the natural lake found near the Gurgaon city of India. It is formed as the depression created in the Aravalli hills of Northern plains. And offers a largest natural lakes retreat to the tourists near capital region. It is one of the most visited tourists attraction near Gurgaon that is home to over 190 species of native and migratory birds.

The lake is a natural paradise amid the uneven topography of Aravali hills. That offers visitors a wide range of adventure activities like boating, rock climbing, trekking, parasailing, kayaking, cycling, angling, and many more. The azure sky hovering over the lake and the blowing wind and surrounding greenery enchanted visitors and gives them inner peace and joy. Near the lake, there is a resort that gives you the glimpse of a very beautiful lake and also offers all facilities for a comfortable stay. It is a perfect destination for hanging out with family, friends, and colleagues.

4. Manesar

Manesar is an emerging industrial hub near Gurgaon region of North India. The wonderful vicinity of Manesar is also growing as a renowned tourist retreat for visitors. Popular as the resort town on the southwestern periphery of National Capital Region. It is a wonderful combination of modern and traditional way of life and entertainments.

Manesar offers you plenty of activities and is the home premium getaway resort. You can enjoy the fun and luxurious resorts & farms along with the adventure activities, Heritage Transport Museum, and photoshoots in the lush greenery of the Aravali. It’s a perfect destination for urban dwellers for the weekend and short vacation. Along that the majestic views of Aravali hills from town is also wonderful experience to grab. The area is popular for day visitors and guests arriving for destination getaways.

5. Sohna

If you are profoundly eager to visit the regal heritage, so Sohna is one of the perfect Rajputana heritage destination near Gurgaon. That gives you glimpse of royal Rajputana life. Here you will love to see the gigantic wonderful regal architecture, Rajputana heritage legacy and charming natural beauty of Aravali hills that make your trip a memorable one.

Flanked on the Lake and located at the foothills of Aravali it is one of the tourist retreats for the people of Delhi. Known for its Shiv Temple and Shiv Kund, Sohna also offers you much more. The other best part of the trip is a Hot spring, rich in sulfurous, that makes it popular as a therapeutic destination. It is also known for its annual vintage car rally that is held in the month of February which attracts car collectors from all over India. This vintage activity with its beautiful ambiance makes it one of the perfect weekend holiday destinations.

6. Vintage Car Museum

'Car Museum', yes you are reading right. A vast collocation of retro cars and other historical transport artifacts are waiting for you. A short drive with car and taxi let you to the vibrant vicinity of car. It is one of the nice places to visit in Gurgaon. Where the history of Indian transportation journey wonders you.

Here you get the glimpse of how the car in the past look like. It offers visitors a stunning collection of actual pre-mechanised and mechanised transportations. It includes railways, aircrafts, automobiles etc. It is very interesting tourists destination site for the technology buffs and historians, who want to have a dive in the transportation history of India. This museum will also help the schools and research center in their research and documentation by providing it's material and objects.

7. Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub offers a food-cum-entertainment site situated in the vibrant vicinity of Gurgaon. Surrounded by sky-high tower and complexes the destination attracts the young one with its vast range of entertainment and itinerary offering.

Located at the backdrop of the popular Cyber City, Cyber Hub offers a very different kind of experience. It is one of the great places to hangout with friends or family on holidays and Sunday evening. The buzzing street and glittering pubs and restaurants catches the eyes of the visitors. Here visitors will enjoy the great fusion of luxury, food and fun. That makes it a paradise for food lovers and a great place

8. Aravalli Biodiversity Park

Spread on 699 acres of land, Aravalli  Biodiversity Park offers a great natural retreat to the urban citizen. Deserted by the past mining activity the place is now host a great green vista dotted with small slopes and forest patches. That make Aravalli Biodiversity Park a great nearby places to visit from Gurgaon.

Here you will see a large variety of floral beauty of plats from shrub lands, tropical thorn forests, grasslands, deciduous forests and many more. That offers a great natural trails through the recreated forests and seasonal water bodies that offers its visitors a great escape in the natural bounty amid the urban city. Also the vibrant wildlife is also found here like you will see the colorful butterflies and moths.

9. Sector 29

Nestled in the heart of Gurgaon, Sector 29 is one of the modern locality that livable beauty and wonderful offering capture the attention of the visitors. The site is not only folk by the local but the one come to visit Gurgaon for official meet and business deal will also not forget to visit it.

Dotted with several world class restaurants, cafes and pubs Sector 29 offers vibrant nights, buzzing streets and food heaves. One should not miss flocking the Sector 29 which  livable beauty rejuvenated the visitors with the fun of word charm. Apart from that the plethora of indoor and outdoor entertainment activities will give you thrill and fun. Here you will also find the leisure park that is also patched with lake, jogging tracks and swings. Several cultural event, music concerts and festivals are going held here throughout the year.

10. 32nd Milestone

In the beautiful vicinity of Gurgaon, 32nd Milestone is an entertainment complex which offers a perfect hangout hub for the people of regions and tourists. From delicious food to thrilling adventure activity one will find every means of luxury and entertainment in this vicinity.

It is situated in the sector 15 of Gurugram and near to Delhi-Jaipur Bypass that make is easy to reach. Here you will enjoy a wide range of eateries, gaming hub and elegant hotel. It offers a pleasant gateway to the adobe of amusement and fun. Go-Karting and Bowling are the most popular activities. For dine it will offers mouthwatering both national and international cuisine with comfortable sitting. Along that the green beauty of 32nd milestone is also commendable. The warm hospitality and modern comforts offers here will make your stat a lively experience.

11. Qutub Khan's Tomb

If you are looking for a historical monuments near Gurgaon so don't worry the city is not only provides sky-high buildings and business complexes  But you also find the relics of India History here. Qutub Khan's Tomb is one of many historical site that amaze you.

A mammoth structure of 18th century was built by a Mughul courtier, Qutub Khan. In the memory of Adam Khan who served as a general to Emperor Akbar. The building complex is made up of red sandstone with the minute detailing on the walls that gives the glimpse of Mughal style of Architecture. At present tourists will only find the relics of the vast building. It is one of the ASI protected monument that tells the stories of Mughal region.

12. Farrukh Nagar Fort

Farrukhnagar is a small village in the periphery of Gurgaon that is known for it's historical monuments of Mughal era. The town is renowned for it's cultural and historical legacy and strategic location. That testaments the glorious past of the area and one of must visited destination.

The fort was constructed by Faujdar Khan, a Governor of Emperor Farrukhsiyar in 1732. It was one of the strategically built fort of the Empire against the invaders. The massive walls, bastions, intricate carvings and delicate jharokhas of the complex are the great example of Mughal Architecture. While strolling the fort tourists will also enjoy the views of a palace, mosque and several other structures. Like Sheesh Mahal, Jama Masjid, Sethani Ki Chattri and several Havelies that let you in a quick snack peak into the history.  

13. Murthal

Murthal is a small village profoundly known for its delicious cuisines. It is known as the 'Dhaba Capital Of India' situated at the outer periphery of National Capital Region of India. It offers a vast vibrant row of Dhabas that is known for it's delicious food throughout the countryside.

Whenever think about Murthal, a plate of Parathas come in front of eyes. Yes it is one of the amazing and well known place near highway that suits for both family and youngsters. Here they will enjoy the delicious food served by nearby dhabas.  Especially the Amrik Sukhdev dhaba is famous for it's mouthwatering Parathas and other offerings. It is always buzzing with the folk day and night who come form different regions to enjoy the delicious Parathas of Murthal.

14. Lohagarh Farms

If you get bored with the glittering life of the Metropolitan and want a day holiday in the calm vicinity where a touch of village life makes you remember the old days then the Lohagarh Farm is one of the great destinations for the urban wanders.

At a distance of 57 Km from Delhi, the farm is located on the periphery of Gurugram. The farm gives a glimpse of rural life with different activities like the Commando Crawl, Tarzan Swing, Ride on Camel, Bullock cart, tractor, pottery, and sports. Tourists really enjoy the mud-paying.  Also, the traditional mouth-watering foods and cuisine catch the eye. It is one of the ideal holiday destinations near Gurgaon for family vacations, friend handouts, and corporate holidays.

15. Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Okhla Bird Sanctuary is really a natural retreat for visitors in the vicinity of the sky-high building of the Gurgaon city. This bird sanctuary is known as the haven for over 300 birds species that stay here. You will find this beautiful tourists destinations near the Gurgaon where Yamuna river enters the territory of Uttar Pradesh.

Located half an hour away from Delhi, Okhla Bird Sanctuary gives us a chance to witness the beauty of nature that we miss in our daily life. Watching the exotic birds, listening to their chirping, and exploring the lush greenery of enviro is a different kind of fun that we generally miss. Renowned as a Bird Paradise the site is surrounded by grasslands, swamps, woodlands, and wetlands that adorned its beauty It is also one of the photographic locations nearby Gurgaon city known for pre-wedding shoots.