Chennai is one of the mystical city of South India. Tourists will have to much places to visit near Chennai. From quaint churches, striking temples, relaxing beaches, exciting art centers and mouthwatering cuisines that shows Chennai in and around tourist places have almost something for every traveller. Here in the vibrant modern city you will witness the dotted ancient heritage that offers a perfect amalgamation of modernity with glory of Chennai heritage. To make you tour to the heart of Chennai a comfortable and memorable CabBazar offers a sightseeing cab that takes you Chennai sightseeing places around the city.

  1. Mahabalipuram

Along the coast of Bay of Bengal, Mahabalipuram is one of the spiritual seaport of the South India. The town is one of the best destination to sea the beauty of South India. The beautifully carved temple complexes and rock-cut caves fascinated the tourists . Also  visiting Mahabalipuram once makes you not to go further from here.

A bustling post town, Mahabalipuram draws visitors because of its ancient temples and beautiful beaches. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a famous tourist destination. That's enigmatic old-age charm is full of rich history, thriving present and a glorious future.

Once abode of the famous demon king Mahabali, Mahabalipuram was later renamed Mamallapuram. The serenity, the alluring atmosphere and the impressive setting with many beautiful white sandy beaches dotted with Casuarinas trees. The ancient name of this town was ‘Mahamallapuram’.

  • Ideal Duration: 2-3 Days
  • Places to Visit: Shore Temple, Arjuna’s Penance, Tiger’s Cave, Pandava Raths, Open Air Museum, Crocodile Farm, Sthalasayana Perumal Temple, Varaha Temple, Five Rathas, Mahishasuramardini Cave, Beaches
  • Things to Do: Dance Festival, Heritage Walk, Scuba Diving
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to March
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Chengalpattu Junction

2. Kanchipuram

If you craving for the multicultural society experience, so Kanchipuram is perfect destination for you. It is believed that Kanchipuram is one of the oldest city in the entire south India. Here the rich and cultural destinations of the town showcase how the oldest Indian culture still continue it's legacy.

Situated on the bank of Vegavathi River, Kanchipuram is known to be the home of 1,000 Lavished temple complexes. That decreased to 126 in number at present and shows the beauty of architectural gems of Dravidian styles. Kanchipuram is synonym for spirituality, serenity and silk. That is easily sense in it's rich culture, heritage and glorious past.

In addition to these, the place also boasts of several famous mosques and churches. Kanchipuram is an ideal destination if history and religion is something that excites you. Meanwhile the worldly recognized Kanjeevaram sarees are also catching your attentions.

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Places to Visit: Kanchi Kudhil, Kamakshi Amman Temple, Devarajaswami Temple, Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Jain Temple, Ekambaranatha Temple, Thennangur Panduranga Temple, Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple
  • Things to Do: Boating, Bird Watching
  • Best Time To Visit: From September to March
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Kanchipuram Railway Station

3. Pulicat

The small alluring town still showcases the Dutch aesthetic in its churches, old buildings and tombs. An important seaport and commercial hub, Pulicat has contributed to the economy of Tamil Nadu immensely over the centuries. Pulicat Lake straddles the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states on the Coromandal Coast in South India.

The best time to visit Pulicat is between October - March. During this period, thousands of migratory birds (Flamingo) fly to Pulicat. While the weather is pleasant throughout the year, peak-summer and monsoon months are avoidable. The lake comprises of the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. The barrier island of Sriharikota separates the lake from the Bay of Bengal and is home to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Pulicat is a must visit for a family weekend getaway for having some quality time in this peaceful town.

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Places to Visit: Dutch Fort Geldria or Fort Geldaria, Vanjivakkam Lake, Pulicat Lake, Pulicat Bird Sanctuary, Sri Samayeswarar Temple, Paaleeswarar Temple Thirupalaivanam, Sri Jadarayar Eswarar Temple, Adhi Narayana Perumal Temple, Thiruppalai Vanam Lake
  • Things to Do: Camping, Bird Watching, Boat Ride
  • Best Time To Visit: Between October and March
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Wimco Nagar Railway Station

4. Marina Beach

On the wonderful coast line of Eastern Plains, Marina Beach is must visited charm of the Chennai. It is one of the beautiful natural beach on the Coromandel coast stretched out at a straight line of 13 kilometers. It offers a incredible views how the giggling waves of Bay of Bangle washes the shore of Chennai.

Marina Beach is one of the landmark destination of the city that draws the attention of the several visitors from across the countryside. The beach is a fascinating fusion of the peninsular natural, architectural and entertainment. Tourists will enjoy the glorious horizon of the vast water body. Further the blue-green water is overlapping at the shore creates sceneries.

Apart from that the beach is also offers a lot to the visitors. Here you will enjoy the vibrant market of regional handicraft and attires, delicious street food stalls and energetic fun activities. Meanwhile a trail to the near by historical architecture and building complexes is also gives the fascinating vibes to the strollers.

  • Ideal Duration: 1 Day
  • Places to Visit: Senate-House, Chepauk Palace, Aquarium, Ice House, Velankanni Church, Ashtalakshmi Temple, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Old Light House,
  • Things to Do: Nature Walk, Watch Scenic Sunrise, Make Mud Castle, Fly Kites, Play Games, Shopping
  • Best Time To Visit: From November to February
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Chepauk Railway Station

5. Cholamandalam Artist's Village

Are you missing beauty of handicrafts and hand made artifacts in the charm of artificial machine made decors. So a drive to Cholamandalam is really enchanting for you. Established in 1966, with the help of KCS Paniker, A legendry artist and revolutionary thinker. This perfect place is host the art of thousands of artist.

Weather you are an artist, art buyer, art lover and one who are curious for the Indian art. This small village of South India is one of a nice places to visit in Chennai periphery. This village offers every one something if you have little bit interest in the art, culture and craft. So visiting this small village will give you thrilling dive in the national and international adobe of artwork.

As you enters the village the refreshing vibes of artist artworks will puzzle you. In the artistic vicinity of the village you will find many museum filled with historic charms, art galleries, an open-air theatre, a bookstore, a craft shop as well as visitor will also enjoy the delicious cuisines offers by the restaurants.

  • Ideal Duration: 1 Day
  • Places to Visit: Cholamandal Center for Contemporary Art Museum, Exhibitions, Open Air Theatre, Gangaikonda Cholapuram Temple
  • Best Time To Visit: As You Want from 9:30am to 6:30PM
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Chennai Central and Egmore Railway Station

6. Nettukuppam

Amid the vast coastline of Tamil Nadu, Nettukuppam has offering a wonderful destination to the sea lovers. Where the enchanting waves of Bay of Bangle washes the shore city with it's giggling waves. Also the enchanting breeze blowing through out the town gives the fragrance of mystique sea.

Far away from the crowded places a pristine, picturesque shore line gives a great relaxing retreat to the tourists. Here tourists will enjoy the beauty of  half complete bridge that extends long way into the sea. Now this imperfect artifacts has become the great example of beauty in imperfection.

Looking the serene beach while sitting on a peaceful shore is great experience to feel. One of the fascinated point in the beach is vintage point from where tourists will enjoy the beautiful skyline.

  • Ideal Duration: 1 Days
  • Places to Visit: Thalankuppam Pier, Draupadhi Temple EKM, Beach, Ennore Creek, Karugamuthu Amman Temple, Chinnakuppam Jetty View Point
  • Things to Do: Natural Walk
  • Best Time To Visit: You can visit Nettukuppam throughout year but in day and afternoon day time.
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Chennai Railway Station

7. Tirupati

In the lap of eastern Ghats, Tirupati is one of the most visited pilgrimage centers in the world, located in Andhra Pradesh state of India. The town is worldly known for Lord Venkateshwara Temple. Further there are many heritage sites, and a plethora of ancient temples and monuments dotted the town ambience.

The town is also known as the home of world's richest temples that welcomes the devotees with it's splendid complex carved with the intrinsic architecture. It is Tirupati is one of the oldest cities of India, that finds mention in plenty of ancient texts. One of the fascinating fact About Tirupati is that here you find one of the rarest and oldest geological formations - a natural stone arch in the world.

A top of Tirumala Hills, a collection of seven hills evoke the divine beauty with the fusion of natural bounty. Tirupati is enough to evoke strong spiritual feelings, and while the name ‘God’s Abode’ indeed does justice to the place, Tirupati has quite a few other tourist attractions as well that make it a city worth visiting.

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Places to Visit: Tirupati Balaji Temple, Surutapalli, Kanipakam, Sri Venkateswara Museum, Japali Teertham, Rock Garden, ISKCON Temple, S.V. Museum, Hathiram Baba Math, Gudimallam, Srivari Mettu, Akasa Ganga, Chakra Tirtham Water Falls
  • Best Time To Visit: From November to February
  • Nearest Airport: Tirupati International Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Tiruchanur Railway Station

8. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

In the vibrant vicinity of Vandalur, you will find a perfect destination for your next picnic. A small ride with the taxi and cab you can reach this amazing destinations. Here you will find the enormous beauty of flora and fauna that enchants you moods. It is one of the best tourists places to visit near Chennai.

This zoological park is the home of rare and wonderful wildlife that spread over an area of 1260 acres, which makes this park one of the largest Zoo in South East Asia. Also this park hosts more than 138 different species of organism in its vast territory. That also includes an extensive collection of exotic an endemic animals. Further a small built-in-Jurassic park which added more fun and excitement in your visit.

To make your experience more thrilling you can also enjoy the lion safari and other activities offers by the park authority. This gives tourists a real hand experience of wildlife, where you can see Tiger, Elephant, Himalayan  Brown Bear and many other wild animal first hand.

  • Ideal Duration: 1 Days
  • Things to Do: Elephant Joy Rides, Lion Safari
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to February
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Tambaram Railway Station

9. Vellore

On the bank of Palar River, Vellore is an ancient city nestled in the northeastern hinterland of Tamil Nadu. Among the tourists community the town is known as 'The Fort City'. The Vellore Fort is the most prominent archaeological landmark of the city. Also while visiting Vellore tourists doesn't stop themselves to admire the fascinating ancient culture and traditions of city.

Situated in the heart of the Vellore city, the magnificent fort was built by Vijayanagara kings and is a fine example of military architecture. In fort complex tourists will also see a church (St John’s Church), a mosque and a Hindu temple (Jalakanteswarar Temple). The interior of this fort attracts many people and every year a huge number of tourists come here to explore the beauty of this fort. Ratnagiri Temple and Roman Catholic Diocese are another tourist spots which must be visited.

Apart from that Vellore is also a great educational hub of the region with the two premier institutions, Christian Medical College and Vellore Institute of Technology. Also the serene beauty of town get amplify with the it's vibrant color and livable charm.

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Places to Visit: Vellore Fort, St. John’s Church, Virinjipuram Temple, Archeological Survey of India Museum, The Sripuram Golden Temple, Periyar Park, Palamathi Hills, The Kaigal Fall, Amirthi Zoological Park, Thirupardakal
  • Things to Do: Boating, Zip line, Nature Walk
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to March
  • Nearest Airport: Vellore Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Vellore Cantonment Junction

10. Srikalahasti

Amid the lush greenery of South India, Srikalahasti offers a vibrant destination known for its rich cultural heritage and religious significance. Srikalahasti is titled with the 'Dakshina Kasi' as it is a profoundly renowned as a great Shaivite pilgrimage centre. Tourists and devotees from all corner of landmass folk the town throughout the year.

Nestled on the banks of the sacred Swarnamukhi River, the city is famous for its ancient temples and spiritual legacy. The name of city also affirms its divinity of Lord Shiva. With its stunning architecture, captivating festivals, and serene natural surroundings, Srikalahasti offers a unique and unforgettable experience to all who visit tourists attractions near Chennai.

Besides it's spiritual allure Srikalahasti has many other charms in its vicinity. Where plethora of ancient temples showcases intricate carvings and sculptures that mesmerize devotees and art enthusiasts. Tourists will also get mesmerize with the natural bounty that is full of green lush forest, standstill hills, swirling rivers and the eye pleasing sceneries.  

  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Places to Visit: Srikalahasti Temple, Bhakta Kannappa Temple, Srikalahasti Silk Weavers, Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple, Sri Kapileswara Swamy Temple, Talakona Waterfalls, Sahasra Linga Temple, Dakshina Kashi Temple, Sri Kalahasteeswara Swami Temple, Bharadwaja Tirtham
  • Best Time To Visit: From October to March
  • Nearest Airport: Tirupati (TIR) Airport
  • Nearest Train Station: Srikalahasti Railway Station