We commonly associate travel with adventure and forget that travel is for comfort and luxury too. In the modern world, today every age group wants to experience both luxury and adventure, but we commonly think of luxury on the pretext of Hotels and Spas which are associated directly with our stay outstation. The point in hand is luxury travel is costume which can differ from person to person. Doesn’t your Nani tell you, I feel more comfortable travelling in a taxi rather than someone from family, driving. OR that one relative who creates a havoc when they need to travel by an airplane.

Here are our Five Tips to keep in mind if you want to travel outstation not just Adventure style but also Smart Luxury style:


Before you start packing, it is a must that you make a list; this helps you to not forget anything, especially the important things. When you pack in a hurry, because you have to board your taxi in some hours; going in the details we often forget the most important things. Always prepare a check list; it will never let you down.

B. Never Forget The Extras

We will always take an extra charger, an extra phone battery but we often forget the most important extra stuff. You should always keep an extra something dry in your bag to eat, so even if there’s no available food around you have some stash. Another must extra is change (cash), we tend to travel for days, but forget that public conveyance is where you will always need some extra pennies so that you can travel quick and easy outstation, may it be a taxi or an auto.

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C. Photocopy Your Documents

You might be traveling outstation or abroad, a copy of your documents is a must; it could be your passport or your car related documents, if you are asked to show your documents, always show a copy and never an original one. It could be risky to handover an original documents until it is for some official travel purpose.

D. Enquire for the price in case of Public Transportation

If you are traveling in an auto or a tuk-tuk , you must always enquire for the price; especially when you are traveling outstation in India, because they very often know that you are tourists and try to make an extra buck as they know you have less knowledge about the whereabouts of the place.

E. Always Travel with a Carryon

You might be travelling in your own car or a hired taxi, it is important to have your essentials available in hand. It is a must even if it’s a case of a trivial issue, for instance the need of a lotion or as serious as your health medicines. Whatever things you cannot live without; you say it. A carryon is built for your personal good and is highly recommended. It’s for emergency purposes; so what’s the harm.