6 Things To Eat When You Travel To Manali

Travelling is considered an adventure and what cannot be taken away from the two things is FOOD. The outstation adventure for us so often resides in the thought; what are we eating guys? The answer we seek is something interesting. Therefore, to make it simple I would suggest you try everything once. Travelling to Manali you can try; Vegan Indian, Home Special, Healthy and Tasty, Something Exotic, Something Traditional and Something Adventurous. Take your car or a taxi and get started.


Address: Old Manali, Manali 175131, India.

Do you love trance music, then a visit to People Café is what you don’t want to miss. Located at Old Manali, this café enjoys a great patronage from foreign travelers. It is run by a Russian lady; a big portioned breakfast menu is there specialty. Just take your taxi cab and start a healthy outstation day at People café.
Most Popular: Breakfast, Fresh Juices


Address: Old Manali, Manali 175131, India

One of the most well-known café in Old Manali, Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted began in 2005. It was started by three friends who loved Coffee but were unable to find it anywhere in Old Manali. So, they opened a café and decided to make their own coffee and they killed it. A hugely popular place for breakfast and coffee, where you get especially home roasted beans by Raj (the owner) who uses only the Indian coffee beans from Chikmagalur and Coorg.
Most Popular: Coffee, Hot from the oven cookies and a great Conversation


Address: You’ll have to search for it- #Ask anyone about it

Siddu is a local favorite: a steamed, puff wheat-bread filled with a spicy green chili-coriander-dry fruit stuffing, dipped in liquefied ghee. It’s a traditional cuisine based snack that is cooked in each Manali household. They are sold on street corners by some Pahari women. The best way to sample some is to ask around.
Most Popular: Traditional Snack


Address: Naggar Road, Manali, Manali Tehsil 175131, India

The place to visit, for an ultimate Manali ambience. The place is amazing to go anytime of the day, it contributes an outstation peaceful ambience away from the hassle of the city. You can enjoy quite time with yourself. Owners have all the insight into visiting the unseen Manali.
Most Popular: Indian Cuisine

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Address: The mall Manali | Manali Tehsil 175131, India

It is a multi-cuisine café which can be visited multiple times during your trip. It is located at the Mall road which seems the most convenient. The apple crumble is the best here! Do not miss out on that :)
Most Popular: Thukpa, Chiang Mai Noodle soup, Momos, Daal tadka


It is an ‘Abode of Italian Flavors ‘. Travelling gives you a chance to taste the best of the cuisines and this is your chance for Italian. A Taxi Cab to Italy is what it feels like when you visit the place, but it is in India guys! The Pizzas to Pasta, you’ll see your taste buds going crazy with the rich burst of cheese. A fresh Loaf of bread or as usual healthy cereal, this is where you must visit, if you are finding Italian.
Most Popular: Italian! Italian! Italian