Unaware tourists can become easy targets for thieves because they tend to stand out in the crowd. One second you are having the best time of your life and the other second the whole vacation falls apart. Nowadays, we carry a lot of gadgets as they have become our daily essentials. But keeping in mind a few simple precautions can’t do any harm. So, here are some safety suggestions you can follow when you are travelling PAN India.

Keep your travel plans, such as accommodation and hotel details to yourself. We do talk to some people while travelling, but not everything must be discussed when it comes to travel safety.

Do not Hitch Hike. India or not, it is can be extremely dangerous. If you do have to take a decision under certain circumstances, be extremely careful. Though, it is not recommended.

Try not to travel at night in areas where there is no crowd. This is where you can become the easiest targets to burglars.
Ask the hotel staff to advice on 'safe' versus 'unsafe' local areas. They can provide you with some insights that can be quite helpful.

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Generally the rule says city streets that include children and women are the area recommended as safe for families. And this can work in case of solo women travelers too.
Very common but also very important, you must keep a photocopy of your passport and all other important documents in a safe place.

Must use the ATMs during day, when there are people around. Because you never know who might have an eye on your stuff.
Try carrying less cash. Rely more upon credit cards and travel cheques. Cash can get misplaced easily and that’s why precaution is a must.

In worst case scenario if you are mugged, don't fight back. It is always better to lose a few bucks and a wristwatch than get hurt.

Uber and Ola are fine and I understand it is common to share an auto in India but while travelling you mustn’t. Don't share taxis with strangers because carrying all that luggage is not going to help in case of a mishap.

Always lock your hotel door when retiring for the night, a little extra caution can make a lot of difference. If there is a chain included, use it, being careful for solo travelers is even more important.

When arranging to meet people in case you are on a business trip you've never met before (such as business associates), wait for them in the lobby. Do not ask them to come up to your room. It’s a simple precaution but what can go wrong by taking some care.

This one is very common among Indian women. So, I have to suggest it. Don't wear expensive jewelry; it is a direct invitation and an obvious display.

Beware of scams when travelling. Thieves in different cities tend to prefer different scams. Ask your hotel manager or a local tourist information officer for information.

    -Have a blast, Have a safe journey and be Well-