The destinations where there is no particular busy season, but all season are busy season. Yes, it is the Holy places. Nowadays, it is not a necessity that only the Holi season will attract large crowds of pilgrims to Vrindavan or the Navratras will fetch multitude of devotees to Vaishno Devi. With our hectic work schedules, the new trend gathers a large volume of followers during weekends long or small. So, we all need to plan a little before we pick up our cars and begin the journey. Here are some tricks you can keep in mind when you travel to the Holy land.

Work The Season

Most of the arrangements are related to the season you are visiting the outstation destination. India generally caters to a little extreme weather conditions. For instance, Amarnath is awfully cold during the visiting season. So, we would recommend for you to make all the pre-arrangements way before time. This includes your accommodation and travel related provisions.

A Big No No to Sarees Ladies!

It is not comfortable and could be dangerous. I understand saree might be natural to you but when it comes to travel and especially long travel you must try something more relaxed. Options that can work well are, “Salwar-Suit, Pants and Shirt, and Track Suit”. Please try not to give in to the temple conventions.

No one wears flip-flops Guys…

If you are walking, you can’t be wearing flips-flops or slippers. We generally choose comfort over safety and that is not alright. May it be men and women and children, they all make that choice sometimes, which they mustn’t. The steep mountains, trekking up-hill, and waiting in long lines needs a stable foot and that is the reason shoes are recommended when you are travelling.

Taxi or Car

Taking a car can be quite tiresome, especially when you have to trek through steep mountains. What you can do is take a taxi. Or if you are confident about taking your car, you must have a partner who can drive, so that you can share the load.

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Hilly areas or plains, one thing you must always have at hands distance is medication, which might come in handy at any point of time. Some generic medicines you must keep with you while travel such as allergy medicine, and medicine for motion sickness etc.

Hope these help you plan a more precise pilgrimage. At least in India we are all aware of the basic traditions and cultural practices that one needs to keep in mind when travelling to a holy place. Above tips are some of the things which we forget because we think they might only work for a vacation, but instead when we talk about it, they seem equally vital for pilgrimage purposes.

            “Every Exit is an Entry Somewhere”
                -Sacred Seeker’s Guide-