You might see Dehradun as a hill station, but do you know that it is best known for its overwhelming sightseeing destinations. Most popular for its parks, caves and its waterfalls, it has become a go-to destination for not only the couples but also for the enthusiastic families. The discreet silence and the serene beauty of the hill station extend calm into our noisy city minds.

The seven most visited places of the city that stands at the Himalayan foothills are as follows:


Yes! Kids, there are tigers here, and we all know that we want to see them. It is a tiger reserve and encompasses the Shavlik’s. The best time to visit is during the early morning; do not forget to pack yourselves tight because the temperature peaks to -2 degrees during the time. You can easily come across a heard of elephants or even a tiger if you are lucky.


The temple is located in the city itself and is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The beauty of the temple is enhanced by the mesmerizing forest which is situated around it. The main shivalinga at the temple stands inside a natural cave, which makes the experience even more moving.

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It is not just a cave, but it is a river cave formation in the Himalayas, just 8km’s away from the city. The beautiful cave with the waves of water becomes a sight to remember and keep as a memory for life. The image of the sunlight against the water at the foot of the cave and the shades of black reflected from the hilltop becomes a rare combination to come across.


The quiet of the monastery, the meditative mode, and the saintly monks make the temple a place where you can forget all your worries and just relax. The temple is known for its reflective art where you can experience the monastery and Buddhist tradition to the fullest. The red and the gold patterns around the temple portray the picturesque side of the culture.


It is the grand mansion and laboratory of the Sir George Everest. The long-standing walls of the monumental architecture and the 360-degree view of the valley merging with the clouds will feel like you are flying. You can visit with family; spend some family time at the stunning destination.

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