When we think about the most famous routes in India, the first one that enters our mind is Mumbai-Goa. It is considered the coolest among the millennials. Every youngster wants to travel to Goa at least once during their college days and Mumbai becomes their favorite pass-over destination, when it comes to shopping or just visiting the best of the metropolitan. You might have a connecting flight or a train or simply decide to travel to Shirdi on our way to Goa.
Sorry, guy’s you might feel left out, but all we have here is for the gal’s. What you can do is, help them make best of the choices.


Linking Road

This is Mumbai’s Janpath (if you belong to Delhi, then you will understand it). Here, you can buy all kinds of clothes and related accessories. It’s affordable and fashion-friendly, so you must go visit the place at least once. The open hours are- 10:00am to 10:00pm.

CP Tank

Girls! This is the place you can buy jewelry; from the statement earrings to bold and chunky neck-pieces of your choice. It is Mumbai, and hence there is no doubt that what you will get is going to be latest in line. The place is closed on Sundays, so plan accordingly.

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Chor Bazaar

You can find all the vintage, and antique treasures, you might need for your home or for your temporary apartment. As we say, someone’s Trash might be someone else’s Treasure. You can visit the market between 11:00am to 7:30pm.
These are some of the places you can visit before moving on to your next out-station destination. Goa being popular for its Carnival season, and the Off-Summer season, becomes a perfect destination if you want to enjoy the crowd or if you are planning on escaping some heat during the summertime.
They have enough beaches for you to sun-bath, or enjoy the waters. With approximately, 45+ beaches excluding the private ones, you have enough options to choose from. So, keep in mind when you choose a hotel, try to find one nearby a beach so that you can walk by at any point of time of the day. In concern to beaches, Calangute is one of the most popular beaches among the travelers. On the other hand Mobor is known for its water sports, which include water skiing and parasailing.

Other recreational places you can visit in Goa include Spa’s, Yoga centers, and Museums. There are various options, it all depends on what you might want to try, your stay, and your budget. Youngsters go for water sports, whereas the adults tend to choose, more relaxing options such as a spa or the yoga center.
An unheard option is the Goan wildlife destinations such as Sattari, where you can enjoy the waterfall, rivers, temples, and wildlife, all in one place. Concona is where both the beautiful beasts and the beach come together.
With all the options that now lay before you, what you need to do is simply make a choice. Hire a taxi or book a flight.

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