He goes by the abbreviation, “The richest god of the world”. With the worth of billions of dollars, you must be guessing that he must have his own secrets and stories to tell too. This time we are here with some of the lesser known tales of the magnificent Tirupati Balaji.

Myth or Fact

It is believed that there is real hair to the Idol of Lord Venkateshwara Swamy and is rumoured that knots never ever appear in the hair. If there is some truth in the news then, it is one of the most mystic and fascinating things you might know.

The Secret Village

This fact symbolizes some long trail to the story of Krishna and the Gopi’s.
22 km from Tirupati Balaji there exists a village where no one is allowed except the inhabitants of the village. The women attire themselves as they used to live in the old world, so they do not wear a blouse. The Village has a garden of flowers from where the flowers are fetched and used in at the sanctum of the Lord Venkateswara Swamy. Not Just flowers, but also essentials such as Milk, Ghee, Butter and all others used for the worship of the lord are brought just from this village by the temple.

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The expensive Ritual

Though we can say that this is not a lesser known fact but it’s a service devotees might be very interested in. A couple is presented with the Dhoti and Sari the Lord Wears in accordance to a very expensive service the institution facilitates. It will cost you around Rs. 50,000 and the tickets are rarely available due to over booking.

Can you hear it?

It is said that you can hear the ocean waves if you put your ear at the back of the neck. Also, the idol’s back is always wet, no matter how many times you try to find a way to dry it out. This might have to do with the original residence (Ocean) of Lord Vishnu.

Millions of Years Ago

The oil lamps kept in front of the idol of the lord are never ever put off and no one knows the day they were lit. The mystery still continues and of course it must have been lit thousands of years back.

Do not look back

One of the priests of the temple discards all the used items of the sanctum in the water fall behind the idol of the lord and no one is allowed to look back at the fall the whole day. All the discarded objects seem to emerge at a place called Verpedu (located on the way to Kalahasti) which is around 20km from the shrine.

Where does all the Money Go!

There is just one branch of SBI in the town which is especially dedicated to the Venkateswara trust. It has just one bank account which of course runs by the name of Venkateswara and all the money is transferred every day, because there’s a whole lot of money that a whole bank cannot fit!

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